Monday, July 28, 2008

weekend notes: another whirlwind

After last weekend I said I needed to slow down.  And, despite the usual commotion at the Grube home (13 people this weekend!), I managed to not go crazy.  And I have my wonderful husband to thank for that.

We did get some big news, though.  This week we got the rug pulled out from under us when the army changed its mind about sending us to the Seattle area.   I spent a week and a half imagining an amazing life out there, where kayaking, biking, hiking, etc., are just a few steps out the door.  I even bought a "Seattle sweater" for myself on my birthday.  As it turns out ALL of that has changed and we MAY find ourselves in Texas instead.  (I stress that this is just a possibility - we still don't know.)  So, once again we find ourselves living between unknowns.

To keep our minds off of it, we hung out with visiting family.  And had a blast.  But the best part of the weekend was Sunday morning when Jim and I got to pull away from it all for a breakfast date at Mary's in VA Beach.  With the craziness of the past months, and the uncertainty of our future, it was the moment I needed.  We talked quite a bit about the "next step", what that may mean for our army career, and how despite our feelings we can REST assured that God is just working out His little details for our life in His all-knowing way.  We can, and will, trust Him fully.  So..... the adventure continues.
Things I learned this week:
  • don't start planning until you have Army orders in your hand
  • ultimate frisbee can leave you sore for days
  • we have some unexpectedly cool family
  • Texas may not be so bad
  • our dog is one of the first to come and check on me when I'm crying
  • running makes you feel better
  • attitude is everything


LifeatTheCircus said...

First of all, GREAT picture of you and your hubby... really, really good!

Secondly, we were so bummed for you guys when you called with the news... we know how great Seattle would have been. But, we are glad you are finding peace in being where the Lord wants you...hope you find out soon for certain where that is... and we hope to do our best to visit wherever that may be. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Muthering Heights said...

Oh no, Texas is bad?? At least it's a little closer to home...

mrsbuckett said...

Hi Karen...Thinking of you and praying for you. It's so frustrating being in the middle. I agree the pic of you and Jim is awesome! Wish we could get together and be craftabulous. Maybe some day that could happen again...who knows? Anyway, just wanted to send along a hello too.
Jen Beckett

Mom said...

LOVE the pic. Please send a lg file copy. 8-)
When we were in the Navy we often had to remind ourselves the GOD was our detailer. . . not the Navy.
Love and Hugs,

Susie said...

DO you often wonder how anyone can cope with life without the love and grace of our God?!?! The date away for the 2 of you will get your feet back on the ground and ready to move where HE leads you, knowing God will not let you go alone (He is with you both through ALL things)
Keeping you lovingly in prayer

Jimbo said...

You must remember to capitalize Army in you blogs. Army and Families are mandated by the Army to be capitalized.

Army - because it is VERY important

Families - well, er, because Families have to be very strong (stronger than Army strong) to put up with the Army and all its non-sense.

Love you babe.

Erin said...

Sorry you're bummed about TX. i can totally see why Seattle has more appeal! Where in Tx are they saying? I've been to Red River Army Depot several time...


Momma B. said...

Ok, Texas is not Seattle....but where else can you find Beach, Mountains, Desert, praires, and forests all in one Beautiful State!?? NOt to mention the fact that Texas is so big you can drive and get lost in it for days! There are LOTS of great possibilities in Texas. Where bouts would you be? South East Texas is BEE-utiful! I will praying that God's peace will uplift you this week! Love y'all!

Jeanette said...

Hi Sweetie,
Life can be a little topsy turvey at times, but it will turn out OK. I am sure God has big plans for you in Texas or wherever He takes you. I survived 5 years in Texas, it really isn't that bad ;o) There are a ton of fun things to do, places to see and great outdoor activities.
Keep your chin up, kiddo.
Love ya!

Randy & Laura said...

Roommate! Yay, I found your blog from your note on Facebook! I love the picture of you & Jim, you look beautiful as always. Hope you are doing ok, I would be sad about not moving to Seattle too.