Sunday, August 10, 2008

10 miles & product review: Nike+iPod

Friday morning I got up early and headed over to Mariners' Museum Park in Newport News for my long run of the week. I'd heard of a 5 mile loop around Lake Maury and wanted to try it out. It was beautiful. If you live in the Hampton Roads area, check it out. It's a foot path that weaves through the woods around the lake with a kazillion bridges, like the one above. I usually try to run the longer distances with a friend (makes the time go by faster), but since I wasn't able to, I thought I'd find a new place to explore.

What I had hoped to use was my new Nike+iPod. But alas, as I tuned up my playlist, the battery died. Yes, minutes before my 10 mile run, my iPod died? (Crystal,I know you're pain!)

I have been using my Nike+iPod since my husband gave it to me for my birthday. For the most part, I love it. The following is a little product review:

I should mention that I did NOT buy the special Nike shoes you're supposed to get. They have a little insert in the insole you put the sensor in. But it works just find to tuck it in my laces. Once you plug the receiver into your iPod, it tracks your distance, time, and speed which you can then download to your own online Nike tracker.

  • I don't have to map out a route before I run. I can just decide I want to run 3 miles, and it'll tell me when I get there.
  • Every mile, a nice lady voice comes on to tell me my distance. If I'm curious during my run, I hit a button and she'll tells me my distance, time and speed.
  • Even better - at the end of my 8.5 mile run a few weeks ago, Lance Armstrong congratulated me over my earbuds for "running my farthest distance"!
  • I don't have the fancy shoes so sometimes I get nervous the sensor will fly out of my laces. I might have to make something that will secure it better.
  • It's important to calibrate your iPod, but I find that it's not consistant. The upside? I think my 8.5 mile run was really 9+.
  • You are limited in the music you listen to while running. For the most part it's not an issue. Podcasts get a little tricky.
For $30, I say it's worth it.


Muthering Heights said...

That thing sounds AWESOME! $30.00??? Hell-o!

LifeatTheCircus said...

WAY TO GO ON THE 10 MILES!!! Def understated in this post.... you are awesome... i am working so hard to get to that point and you did it on a random Friday morning... my hero!

Also, I really want this...I think it is def on my request list to hubby.. of course it means I also have to request a ipod... does it work with any ipod? Would you care if your sis in law totally copied and got one too? I wouldn't want to be annoying... but I have no idea how far I am running or my speed... that alone makes it worth every penny in my book.... Looking forward to the Annapolis 10 Mile in just 2 weeks!!

Susie said...

I was thinking of you and your team when we were in Central Park last week. There were alot of runners and cyclists there. We did ALOT of walking last week in NYC. I wish I had taken a pedometer to tell us what we had done. This product sounds great!!