Friday, August 15, 2008

week in review: tired and Olympics

As I type, Jim is on his way here. Woohoo! I live for weekends with Jim! (The Army has a way of keeping the honeymoon in a marriage.) But I sort of feel like all week has been a weekend. I've been staying up late, watching the Olympics, sleeping in early, and playing with friends. There will probably never be another time in my life like this. (As evidenced by the day I spent with my SIL and cousin, and they're 3 kids.) I don't think I'm ready for 3 kids. No triplets for me, please!

Things I learned this week:
  • the Olympics eat away at my life
  • I can now appreciate the sport of rowing
  • tennis is fun to watch on the stair-stepper - you don't need headphones!
  • I hate that I never know what sport is going to be on when
  • it's official - we're headed to Fort Bliss, Texas in El Paso
  • we may get a brand new Army house!
  • there's a group of kayakers I'll have to get to know there
  • there's only 9 more days until my 10 mile race
  • the Georgia/Russia conflict has a whole new meaning when you have Ukrainians staying with you
  • I love getting to see Jim everyday of the week (this week we only missed Tuesday)
  • this picture makes me want to go to the beach this weekend - maybe we will!


Muthering Heights said...

It sounds like a fun week...soak it up baby, because you're right; kids will steal these relaxing times! LOL!

Erin said...

i hear you about the olympics, though i haven't let them steal my life away, but i'm totally bummed i haven't gotten to see anything that i'm interested in because it's on at 1 in the morning... urgh!
hope you have a great week.

LifeatTheCircus said...

yea we are totally on that michael phelps band wagon... and women's gymnastics...and women's beach volleyball...and.... and we do have 3 kids... so um... yea, my house is a mess... nice to have a new excuse!
Looking forward to running with you soon!!