Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the other race!

At 4:45am on Sunday morning, Jim, myself, the Rentschlers, Jon and Mama & Papa G piled into the van with groggy eyes. After lots of traffic, a shuttle ride and a few pictures, the gun went off and we ran. And ran... and ran. It was a beautiful morning and the energy was high - but that didn't last real long.

My highlights:
  1. Superfast Karen: I ran with Jim for the first two miles. I don't think I've ever run that fast in my life. I'd hoped to stick with him until mile 3, but I knew that if I did, the rest of the race would be miserable. So he went ahead and I slowed my pace. (I later found out that my average for the first 5K was 8:49 min/mile. I can't believe it!)
  2. Crystal, where are you???: It was at about the 3rd mile that I really wished I had my running buddies with me. I still had 10 more miles to go and it seemed a bit daunting. If I'd had a phone, I would have called Crystal and had her talk me through it!
  3. iPod: I popped my headphones in and that seemed to help. I know, I know, an iPod at a race with live music every mile??? I promise, it really did help.
  4. Ocean Breeze: The low point was when we ran through a Marine Corp base. It was just kinda boring. But it was about that time that God kicked on the AC. Glorious!
  5. Water tables: I love them! Sometimes looking forward to them got me through the next mile. My usual strategy is to pass them for the first 3 miles and then utilize only every-other after that. Not Sunday. I needed every one!
  6. Fans: I knew Mama and Papa G would be around the 11th mile, so miles 10 and 11 flew by as I was scanning the crowd.
  7. The last .1: A half marathon is 13.1 miles. It was a little depressing when I thought I was approaching mile 13 but the sign said "12". Yet, when I did finally reach 13 I was on the boardwalk with the beautiful beach on my right. I found my final wind and kicked it in gear. For someone who usually staggers over the finish line, it was refreshing to sprint the last .1 instead.
My overall time was 2:21:58. That's an average of 10:50 min/mile. Not great, but I was fine with it. In fact, I remember saying to myself as I was pushing myself beyond my limit at about mile 4, "Karen, you didn't train for a PR, don't try for one now." (PR = Personal Record) I was the slowest of all of us, but that didn't bother me. I was glad to finish strong! Here are some pictures to enjoy.

see how fast I am?

Jim at mile 11

the last .1 (try not to notice the old guy passing me)



Muthering Heights said...

GREAT job! You are awesome!!!!!

Mom said...

You go Girl!
You went Girl!
You finished Girl!
Your my Girl!
I love you Girl!!

Anonymous said...

Love you. Well Done. - Dena

Shawna said...

Congrats my friend! So proud of your accomplishments. Now your first one is done. What a great feeling!

Erin said...

Very impressive!

LifeatTheCircus said...

I was cheering you on from far away.
I hope we can run a 1/2 together at some point in our life.

Kerri Smith said...

dang. i'm still getting it in my head that you're a runner now. well done!

boqpod said...

Super-Fast Karen lives!!

(Haven't seen her for awhile....armed with her Dyno Label Maker Gun)

Momma B. said...

WOW!! Way to go! Maybe someday I will be a runner too....probably not..but you are definitely inspiring. For now I will settle for walking.