Thursday, September 4, 2008

TV, in-laws and the RNC

Everybody has those shows that time stands still for. Bible study on Thursday night? Oh, sorry, I have to leave a bit early.... you know.... Lost. Project Runway starting soon, but you don't have Bravo? Maybe Julie will let you come over and borrow some of her couch. Design Star again on Sunday nights? Uh, Jim, don't you have to get back to Fort Lee?*

However, when I moved in with Mama and Papa G in June, I discovered they only have one TV. In the middle of the living room - the most shared space in the house. Not that it matters much. I don't have too many shows I have to watch. (Though you always become more aware of senseless drama and abundant bleeping when your dear old MIL is sitting next to you.)

No worries. The TV is reserved daily between 3pm and 9pm. That's 5 good hours of wholesome family entertainment, via the Hallmark Channel. Papa G loves his shows, and during the last few months, I've become more acquainted to some national institutions than I ever care to be.
  • Little House on the Prairie - Somehow I never managed to watch this as a kid. When I got here I resisted its charm at first. It seemed too old-fashioned and, well, boring. Still not my favorite show, but I've been known to sit through an entire episode. What neighborhood kid, animal, hobo will Laura try to save next?
  • M*A*S*H - I love this show! It makes me laugh every time! And at 4 episodes a day, that's a lot of laughing.
  • Walker Texas Ranger - Ok, this one I don't like. Maybe it's all the drop kicks. Maybe it's all the slow-motion drop kicks. I don't know. I usually leave the room. That's 2 hours of living room banishment for me!

This week I've also watched something I didn't think I'd care about until I was old. The Republican National Convention. It's been far more entertaining than I expected. Some notable moments:
  • Fred Thompson is a surprisingly funny guy.
  • Cindy McCain's fashion choices will be why I watch tonight.
  • Gosh, Huckabee is cool.
  • Sarah Palin is hot.
  • Sarah Palin can deliver some sarcastic zingers.
  • I have a crush on Sarah Palin.
But I want to give a shout-out to Piper Palin who delivered the most memorable moment of the RNC for me:

Thank you, Piper. You made all 4 hours worth it.

* The first example has never happened. I refuse to be that person. The second however? Thanks, Julie - you do have a great couch. And the best post-show commentary. The third example is also fictional. My hubby wins over TV any day.


Rach said...

I am in KY and though they have multiple TVs, it is considered an insult to be anywhere but the living room where the remote stays tuned to Discovery Channel, History Channel and Science Channel all day long. And then my mom asks why I don't visit more often.

PS that video was awesome.

LifeatTheCircus said...

I loved this post... where do I start?? OK, as a little girl I grew up watching Little House courtesy of TBS. We even have pictures of me with bonnets on pretending to be Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Also we have watched snippets of both the RNC and the DNC. Scott more than me. But he was quite taken with Piper, he kept pointing her out... No lie, he had just said, "Look at her, she is so composed and self assured and cute and then she did that right as he was saying that." We both laughed out loud and Scott said, "That is my favorite moment!" (siblings must think alike, ay)?

Also, I keep forgetting to tell you that I have gotten hooked on Army Wives... you mentioned it to me once awhile ago and I saw it on my TiVo suggestions, watched and kinda got sucked in. I don't know if you even watch it, but wanted to share.

Susan Calzada said...

I loved Palin's entire speech, but that was BY FAR my favorite part! Loved it.
Loving your blog, too! Great job with the races. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to running again...

Megan said...

Matt and I both saw that moment as it happened and cracked up. That little girl is something else. I would love to have a conversation with her - it would be a blast!

Rebecca said...

Oh Stella,

You are a hoot and a half. I was subjected to many episodes of M*A*S*H as a kid, but didnt' discover the humor in it until later in life.

You are right about Sarah Palin...SMOKING!


Army Wives...good show. I have been hooked since day one. However, I think it glamorizes the lifestyle a tad. I think it would be much harder than they make it out to be an Army wife always moving and uncertain of the safety of your loved one. They touch on that, yes, but if you live it I'm sure it is different.

And I need to help you extend your ghetto vocabulary a bit. Ghetto booty has me cracking up, though because...

I have no booty so a ghetto booty would be awesome. I tell my husband I wish I had one all the time!

Muthering Heights said...

I snorted popcorn up my nose from laughing so hard when Piper slobbered all over her was DEFINITELY my favorite moment too!

Susie said...

You make me laugh!! Just loving your blog!! Keep up the great work.
I also was thinking how well behaved and composed Palin's children were on national tv when - - - I loved the lick your hand and fix that hair came along!! LOL Wonder where she learned that?!??!?