Thursday, October 9, 2008

my day in court, part II

I serve a very gracious God. Tuesday was nerve-racking. I didn't realize how nervous I was until I was standing in line minutes before the judge called my name - and I could hear my heart beating through my chest. Loudly.

But I've jumped ahead.

I must first give a shout out to Michelle and Sarah who made the hour wait in the courtroom far more enjoyable. As we sat in our benches we passed magazines and shared some stories and commented on the lame excuses used by the people ahead of us. We sat near the front, just behind the row of cops. One was particularly congenial and I thought Michelle was going to land a date with hers. My officer, however? Not so much. The judge was clearly in a good mood, though. He was the same man as before and I remember liking him very much.

Both Michelle and Sarah made out pretty well. I gave them a thumbs up as they left. Then it got lonely, and in my head I just practiced over and over again what I should say to miraculously make this ticket disappear.

Then the bailiff called my name. At least she pronounced it right this time.

Then the beating heart part.

Then this:
Judge: "How do you plead."

Me: "Guilty, your Honor." (man, I don't have a chance.)

Judge: "It says you failed to obey a traffic sign. What does that mean?"

Me: "A right turn on red, sir." (...with a painfully obvious sign that I somehow missed.)

Judge: "Well, there's not a lot I can do to reduce this charge."

Officer: "She was very polite, your Honor." Smile. (maybe he is nice...)

Judge: "When was the last you time you had a traffic violation?"

Me: (crap. but with a smile...) "Well, sadly, sir, it was about a month ago. The irony is that I got this ticket as I was driving home from traffic court for that ticket."

Judge: (he smiles. pauses. smirks...) "Well in that case, I'll reduce your fine."

Me: (huh?) "I'm sorry, your Honor, I didn't hear you."

Judge: "I'll reduce your fine. Have a good day. And drive CAREFULLY." (still smirking.)

Me: "Yes, your Honor. Of course." (what just happened?)
So that's how I, who deserved the opposite of grace, walked out of court twice in one month's time, with minimal damage. Just a $50 dollar fine and a $61 court fee.

And the best part? I didn't get pulled over again that day.

Or since, for that matter.


Anonymous said...

I have really been enjoying the ongoing traffic court saga. You are too funny! I bet that judge was so excited to go home and tell his family your story. But I also laugh because Steve has gotten pulled over twice since he returned to the US. The first time he was going under the speed limit in the slow lane. The cop pulled him over b/c he didn't "move over" which apparently is now a law! It didn't help that he was talking to me on the cell phone when this happened (but that's not against the law in CO). The second time he was stopped because the rental car is a much nicer car than ours. That means it was much quieter and going much faster than he realized. But we lucked out when the cop was a former Navy P-3 pilot!

Rebecca said...

I am so glad everything turned out okay.

We are all pretty undeserving of God's grace. Yet he gives it anyways. He is a mighty and wonderful God.

If I ever have to go to traffic court I am so emailing you for advice!

Susie said...

I just love your blogs!! You make me laugh :-) But seriously - that is what GRACE is all about - not getting what we deserve.
Drive carefully now - ya hear?!?!?

Megan said...

Yeah for you!

LifeatTheCircus said...

WAHOO! That is so wonderful! I am glad you got grace...and so thankful you haven't had any flashing lights behind you for awhile. I am bummed you won't be in town this weekend though. :(

BTW disregard my comment on facebook..obviously I checked facebook before my google reader today.

Momma B. said...

Well, is't it great how God shows up in every part of our lives...I am so glad it worked out well for you. You are pretty funny, Karen!

I have been receiving lots of grace lately myself...Being a mom is HARD! I am thankful for the grace of God shown me through my sweet children!

Muthering Heights said...

That's awesome!

Crafty P said...

wow! that rocks. jealous. the last officer I encountered was not as nice. not at all.