Monday, October 6, 2008

weekend notes: sailing, sale-ing and lost keys

I've been in MD for the week and I could tell you story after story of all that I did. But I'd hate to bore you. So I'll just share Saturday with you since that day alone can sum up the craziness.

As you know I spent a few days watching my nephew and nieces this week. My brother was supposed to be home on Friday night, but we got a call around 7:30pm that he had missed his flight and wouldn't be in until the next morning. No worries. Jim had driven from VA and was happy to keep me company (and more importantly, help!)

Then came Saturday.

Jim stuck around long enough for me to get a shower (um, it had been 3 days...) and help when the kids woke up. Then he headed to my parents' yard sale while I stayed with the kids. By this point it was obvious that the magic of Aunt Karen had worn off and no one but Mama would do. Sigh.

After that, we...
  • made $20 selling our old crap
  • left a FREE sign on our yard hoping our crap would miraculously disappear
  • watched four year olds follow a soccer ball aimlessly around a field
  • sailed around the Magothy River on my parents' boat on a georgous fall day
  • docked at the Deep Creek Restaurant for a seafood dinner
  • spent our day's yard sale earnings at Maggie Moos on yummy ice cream
  • came back to a yard still filled with crap
  • lost two games of Settlers to Jim
  • lost my keys
I'll stop there for a minute. Because at this point all I could think about was bed. It was 10:30pm and I was thrilled to finally get to sleep before midnight. That hadn't happened all week. My eyes were still blood-shot from the morning, and after a full day, nothing sounded better than a cozy bed.

I just had to get my stuff out of my car....

After dumping my purse out and retracing steps, my keys were nowhere to be found. I had no idea where they were. No idea. At my brother's house? On the soccer field? On the boat? (My pillow was getting farther and farther away.)

My dad, Jim and I mustered all of our gangster skills and headed out to the driveway with a coat hanger. People steal Civics all the time. How hard can it be to get a door open? I don't know... maybe we needed ski masks or something. Even 20 minutes in front of YouTube didn't do it for us. We spent a good hour to no avail.

So I finally called the tow truck and as predicted, once he arrived it only took him 30 seconds. (I think I want one of these for Christmas.) Thankfully my keys were in the car. I wasn't sure what I was going to do if they weren't as my spare set was dutifully hanging on my in-laws key rack back in VA.

At 12:45am I finally plopped into bed. I could sleep for days. Just wake me up in time for traffic court on Tuesday.


Momma B. said...

looks like you are ready for mommyhood! You have been broken in for sure!

Rebecca said...

Gangster skills, eh?

It isn't as easy as it looks to be gangsta.

You certainly know how to pack everything into a weekend! Wow...I feel like such a lazy no fun bum after reading your weekend posts.

I think you should certainly write a post about traffic court. I'm anxious to hear how that goes.

With a Stella spin on it.

LifeatTheCircus said...

So you can totally blame the locking the keys in your car thingie on my crew... we have that affect on people, rendering them slightly brain dead. :-)


(BTW cute pic of you and Jim on the boat) :-)

Mom said...

I see you had a great chance to take a super photo of our Sailboat "Bay GyPSy" but no-o-o, you two had to hog almost the whole frame!

We did have a great time with you.

Crafty P said...

that is a sweet picture.

sorry about the keys. man, that sucks.

i drove for an extra hour with 3 children in my car the other day b/c i was "advised" to take the wrong exit on the turnpike. i did not know it was going to be the wrong exit. there was no turning back. i was very tired that day.

Muthering Heights said...

Goodness, what a weekend! There is never a dull moment in those Stella days...

Susie said...

WOW What a fun-packed week!! Those kiddos can really wear you out when you aren't used to it 24/7
You deserve the silver star for hanging in there for the extra night:-) But by then you had the "instructions" down-pat!

Megan said...

I love checking out your weekend updates and I'm always jealous of all the cool stuff you're doing. Well, not the locking the keys in the car part, but everything else!