Friday, November 28, 2008

black friday

I'm feeling very unAmerican today because I didn't get up at 5:30am to go stand in line somewhere. Every year I do, even if it's by myself. One year I had all of my Christmas shopping done by 8am.

But not this year. I forgot to buy a newspaper for all the ads. And we don't have internet right now, so I couldn't research that way, either. And being new to the area, I wasn't quite sure how to approach it all.

So instead I slept in.

BUT... since I'm in a coffee shop right now with free wi-fi, I'm doing what I usually do and shop online. And I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't share with you the fabulous sale going on at Tulle. Everything, absolutely everything is half off. And free shipping.

So I'm ordering:

blue cobalt sweater, $13.25

Warning: if you do order from them, everything runs small. Let me know what you get. I love hearing about others finds. Happy shopping!


Rebecca said...

I have never gone shopping with the hordes on Black Friday. I'd kind of like to try it one year. However, I'm not sure I could get up for the early bird specials/doorbusters.

I like the Night Owl sales.

Cute finds on Tulle. Half off and free shipping~that's off the hook!

I did notice you picked short sleeved tops and a skirt...Texas weather...I'm seething with jealousy!

erin w. said...

SO how small does it run? There are some super good deals on there!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

Scott and I didn't get up at 5 am this year but we did shop till we dropped. We went to the outlets at grove city and I am SO excited about the clothes and shoes we got for ourselves!! Then, we went Christmas shopping for the kids. I thought of you TONS!!!

Crafty P said...

cute clothes! I did some Thanksgiving day shopping, but that's it.

I'm still needing jeans and fearful of the hemming tutorial. I can whip up some mean brownies, but using my sewing machine still frightens me a bit.

hoping you're getting settled today on post (what an amazing story!!!!)

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late)

Muthering Heights said...

I love that blue will look so cute on you!