Thursday, November 20, 2008

driving to El Paso = eternal

"The closest thing I've seen to this before is Iraq... I think the closer we get to El Paso I'll start having flashbacks." ~ Jim

Most of Thursday was spent in the car. We left the Bragdon's at 7:30am and made it to El Paso by 5:30pm. But we lost an hour in there - or is it gained? - so we actually drove for about 11 hours and it was long. Super long.

And I got bored.

So I called lots of friends and took lots of pictures. 44 actually. Of what, you ask? Lots of nothing. Here are a few:

I took this hoping you'd be able to see the desolation out the back window and Roxy sleeping next to me. Nope. All you can see is the crap filling my back seat. Oops.

Again trying to get more of Roxy and less of the car. She was so good the entire drive(s). I couldn't believe it.

I call this one "Windmills and Bugs". I guess when there's not natural land variation to obscure the wind pattern it's windmill central. Go green!

I also took some notes:
  • It was a high of 80 degrees on Thursday
  • 11:03am: I saw my first tumble weed on a 4-lane highway
  • The radio stations in Texas are equal parts Christian, Country and Spanish
  • Except for one area where there was absolutely no stations. Not even static
  • After only 12 hours in Texas I had heartburn from the tacos
  • I really like tacos
  • I have yet to see a Texas Ranger, let alone Walker Texas Ranger
So by dinner time we were official El Pasoans. We got checked into our hotel room on post at Fort Bliss. We had a gut bomb of a dinner at a food court. And time change or not, we went to bed early. For we were exhausted and tomorrow is another day...


LifeAtTheCircus said...

This just might be one of my favs of your posts... from the Jim quote at the beginning, to thebug/windmill shot, to the random bulleted list.... I loved it!!

I too have a horrible time taking pictures behind me.... and of myself for that matter. Why is it that some people can take the cutest self portait shots with their arm extended out which look all cool and artsy and "let's post it as my facebook profile" and when I take mine it's all "look the wall behind me" or "my double chin"?

Anyway...hope you settling in to El Paso, are you taking advantage of your HS Spanish classes?

Muthering Heights said...

I'll be looking forward to more posts about authentic food...yummm....

boqpod said...

Better get some shut-eye 'cos the Pod Welcome Wagon is making the 4 hour drive to welcome you ....TOMORROW!

We're bringing a pitcher of Texas Tea, a plate of sugar cookies, a local restaurant guide, a map of Juarez, kachina doll, his & her bolas, authentic steer & buffalo skulls (great for hanging towels in the guest bathroom) and a coupon book which will include discounts at a saddlery, Rocket-Buster Boots,Cowboy Liquors & Stallion Leather. (Mrs Pod thinks the "Borneo" style is you!)

Oh! We have your very 1st scorpion in a plexiglas paper-weight, too!

Just kidding.

Sorry! Probably not making your move any easier for you guys!

But be sure to shake out your shoes every morning down there!

boqpod said...

ps - I messed up RocketBuster Boots! (You guys gotta check 'em out!)

Rebecca said...

Taco's should be their own food group and I'm jealous you are living in an area where they are embraced as such.

Yo quiero tacos. Muchas gustas.

Or whatever...H.S. Spanish did me nothing as you can see.

I happen to have a scorpion in a glass paperweight and so I'm hoping that doesn't make me weird.

Congrats on the new guest bathroom decor you are getting!

And please, do take a picture of that and Chuck Norris when you find him.

Erin said...

i hope you get to settle in shortly! Sounds like a crazy trip with an exhausting ending.
loved all the pics. photodocumentary is the best!

Kevin and Amy said...

Well, there it is. The rare "LOL." That's right, I laughed out loud at your Walker Texas Ranger mention. It was like a guffaw, but it counts.

Oh, Texas. With your tumbleweeds and gut-bomb dinners. And your sizeable bugs. And your Iraqi landscape.

I think that you and Jim are JUST the thing that Texas needs to jazz it up a bit. And if you see an armadillo, please capture its picture. I've never seen one. And I must.

Momma B. said...

Hope you are getting the hang of living at the edge of the world! We had so much fun visiting with you last week! Sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye. Thanks for pit stopping with us! Can't wait to see more pictures. Oh, and just so you won't be too disappointed, I think Chuck lives in the DFW area....YOu know George W. and Laura are about to make their home there as well. Anyway..hope Jim is feeling better.