Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Germany day 3: jet lag and medication

Wednesday, October 29th

Our gracious hosts, the Howards

Wednesday started early. The Benedryl had worn off and my jet-lagged body thought it was time to get up. I was sick: my head was foggy and my nose had crusty boogers. Blech. Jim had spent the day before doctoring me through a constant supply of Day Quil, Benedryl, Sudafed, wine and Unterburg.

But now at 5am, all of that had worn off. Sleep was futile, instead I shot off a few emails and walked around the house waiting for everyone to wake up. No good. I finally heard someone's alarm at 6:30 but for whatever reason my brain finally shut down and I slept until 9. (Jim slept until 11:30. He's amazing when it comes to sleeping in. Seriously. Like world record status.)

The day was a lazy one. We met up with Ryan for lunch at REAL, a small German Walmart of sorts. It had a food court with weird looking food, but yummy pretzels. For lunch I had german pizza that's a little different than the American variety. Oh, and bottled water, that was unnecessarily carbonated.

This was also my first opportunity to practice my German. Oddly, I kept reverting to Spanish!? Didn't see that coming. "Um, un pretzel, por favor? Bitte schön." Over and over I kept trying to throw in a gracias or hola. Talk about a stupid American.

I bought my first Kinder Chocolate. It might possibly be my favorite chocolate in the world. Familiar with the Kinder Surprise Egg? You should be. A hollow egg with a toy inside that you have to put together. A puzzle and chocolate in the same thing? Brilliant! The reason you've probably never seen these is because they are banned in America. Yes, the FDA thinks our kids are stupid will eat the toy instead of the chocolate.

The rest of the day was a blur, but I know it involved a glorious 2 hour nap. And more Sudafed.

P.S. - There may be bit of a gap in the Germany posts. We've officially started the move and there is much to share. But don't worry, the Europe pics will be coming!


LifeAtTheCircus said...

I love that you have so much to write about and so many "series" going on at once... the great move west....the great trip to Germany....I will wait with baited breath for the next episodes in both. Followed by the tales of an east coast girl, gone Texas!!

Be sure to get Chick-Fi-A on your road trip and think of us.... and have a frappuchino for me too!!

Rach said...

Iche libe kinder!