Wednesday, November 19, 2008

memphis and sideburns

On our way out from TN, we stopped in Memphis to visit the King, just like Jim remembered he always wanted to do. It wasn't what we expected. I was disappointed with how commercialized it all was. But in hindsight I shouldn't have been surprised. Elvis's whole life was the result of excessive and brilliant marketing.

Jim and Roxy walking the wall of outside of Graceland that was COVERED with love for the King.

I know very little about him, so this is what I learned:
  • When you bring your dog to walk around with you, everyone is your friend.

  • Including Brenda, a talkative security specialist who's been working with the Presley family for 20 years. I learned more from her that I would have on a tour. She is also a very proud owners of two poodles at home.

  • Most of Graceland is run by members of Elvis's family, including brothers, nieces and nephews.

  • Elvis loved banana-peanut butter sandwiches, as does Jim apparently. And Roxy.

  • Many fans are willing to spend over $25 per person the walk through the mansion. Jim and I aren't.

  • Jim's crazy sideburns were much appreciated in Memphis.

Roxy almost enjoying some PB & banana with Jim (can you see those side-burns?)

But the best part about the whole day? Running into the Brookshires, our old neighbors back at Fort Campbell! Wha? We were disappointed we didn't get to see them this weekend. So what are the chances that they were in the same overly-Elvised souvenir shop that we were? We even got to see Nate who was back for his 2 week R&R from Iraq. It took me a minute to process the whole thing after Melanie jumped out at me from the t-shirts. Quickly followed by Maegan and Rhiannan pulling on my legs. It was such a great reunion.

the Brookshires!

Melanie and me

Next: a night in Arkansas and TX!


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of your trip to Germany. That's basically my ideal vacation.

AND THEN you go to Graceland, and I'm saying to myself "Karen gets to go all the fun places!" I love Elvis from his hunkalicious hair down to his sequin saturated shoes. What a beefcake.

Megan said...

Wow those sideburns are...not sure if impressive is the right word, but for lack of a beter one...impressive!

Anonymous said...

Definately impressive. My facial hair challenged hubby would LOVE to be able to pull that off. Just because... DR

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, the sideburns are really something!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

How crazy to run into a friend in Graceland... a friend whose neighborhood you were just in and you had been wanting to see... really, does stuff like that happen? How bizarre, How bizarre!!

Rebecca said...

You certainly did not disappoint with the Graceland post! Are the sideburns real? Or are they a souvenir you can buy in Graceland? Just wondering.

May I just say that you bear a striking resemblance to Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Excpet I would have to call you Kimberly Stella Karen Williams-Paisley, which really is just too much.

Safe travels and looking forward to seeing the Lonestar State...

boqpod said...

Heck, I'd appreciate Jim's sideburns in Albuquerque...but I don't want Jim to get the wrong idea :)

(I think you'd enjoy the Flying Elvis scene in "Honeymoon in Vegas".)