Thursday, March 26, 2009

my very first baby shower

First I should mention that I was absolutely surprised. Which is kinda dumb because every year when we get together, we ALWAYS throw a shower for whomever is pregnant. But there I was, standing in the doorway as surprised as ever. Here's the proof:
The whole shower was perfect. It started with an adorably decorated table. Since the sex isn't known yet, it was a Book Shower. Which means my kid will be really really smart. So the theme was Sweet Dreams, as in reading books to your baby before bed. Such a perfect theme.
Get it? They set the table like a bed. So clever.

Then, the food. They really put a lot of thought into it. Apparently Plan A was a Mexican fiesta, since I live near the border an all. But luckily I have a blog where I mentioned that Mexican food makes me want to hurl. So they moved to Plan B: a brunch, complete with homemade Egg McMuffins. Again, brilliant.

I should mention that there a few moments where it became clear how ill-prepared I am for motherhood. As I opened book after book, there were a few familiar ones that stood out. Goodnight Moon, the Golden Books, Dr. Suess... But there were so many that I didn't know. And as soon as I opened them up, there was a chorus of moms who said in unison, "Oh, that's a good one," and at times they even broke out with the words memorized! How can I compete with that? I guess I need to study up. I only have 4 and a half months until show time, you know.

I even found out a little secret that some of my very favorite blogger friends were planning on trekking to central PA for the occasion. Which really humbled me. You guys are awesome.

(I did get to see Amy over at Vileation for a fly-by visit. Even got to meet her Jake (cute baby) and Luther (infamous dog). But somehow, I don't think a picture exists of us together. Amy, any chance you can prove me wrong?)

There were some shower games, to include this picture of my future baby:I think I have Cindy to thank for this beautiful piece of artwork.

So it was fun and later that week I packed my suitcase full of baby books and Target gift cards. And lots of love from my friends.
I do have such great friends.


LifeAtTheCircus said...

I love that look on your face as you enter the room! You are dearly loved girlie, as is that sweet baby of yours. Have no fear about the will have them memorized in due time... Speaking for myself, I did not know them so well before the kiddos came, you learn them afterwards when you read them over and over and over...I've seen you in action here at the circus, you've got the makings for a great mommy..and you do the voices super well during story time!

Muthering Heights said...

What a great shower! It looks like you had so much fun with your friends. :)

Crafty P said...

oh absolute preciousness.

all I can say after that is: Grove City girlfriends are the bestest. We are so blessed!

Crafty P said...

ps. could you tell us which books you did get, in case I don't have one of them and I can give it to my little munchkins???

here are a few of my favorites:
Goodnight moon
Time for Bed
While you were sleeping
How Do I Love You

erin w. said...

The book memorization comes so quickly when your baby asks you over and over "again" or runs with their little chubby legs towards you with book in hand. After 30 minutes of the same book, you totally know it, and love it because that precious one sat totally sweetly on your lap... so is it the book that's great, or the funness that exists from your daughter/son completely mesmerized sitting on your lap? I'm still not sure.

The shower looks simply fabulous and what a great group of friends!

Megan said...

It was such a fun time - I'm so glad you were surprised! You didn't mention the 3 bowls of cereal that no one wanted to stop you from eating! Also, our baby pictionary was another highlight for me!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like an absolutely perfect baby shower! I love the book theme and might I say how pretty you all look in the group photo. A gorgeous bunch you are!

My favorite books to read N and C are You Are My I Love You (a sappy one I like more than they do) and To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, a fun one I like to go all dramatic in reading. Because I do have a propensity towards drama if you haven't already figured that out. :)

So, will you be finding out the super smart baby's sex? We are going to be surprised. The suspense is already nearly killing me!