Thursday, March 5, 2009

weekend notes: talks and runs

Thank you for all of your encouragement last weekend! The talk at the retreat went great. That is to say, I'm my own harshest critic, but I had many women come up and tell me what they got out of it and I think that was God's way of saying, "Good job." And when God gives you the thumbs up, well, you just shouldn't argue.

So the talk was Friday night which meant I got to relax the rest of the retreat. Which also meant I stayed up until 2am playing games with the girls. And if there was ever a time to make new, good friends, a retreat is it! So fun was had by all and after a "quick" trip to a new-found quilt shot, I got home later on Saturday than expected and fell promptly to sleep.

But then I woke up early Sunday morning so Jim could run in the El Paso Half Marathon. The funny thing is that Jim signed up months ago for this race but we both forgot to write it down on our calendars. So whenever it came up, I said something about thinking it was at the end of the month. But then Jim called me on Wednesday and asked if I knew what March 1st was. I was up to my elbows in movers and boxes at the time so I didn't even guess. "The half marathon," he said. Long pause. "Oh."

I should also mention that Jim didn't really train up to this point, AND he'd been sick for most of the week.

But my husband is crazy and ran it anyway. It wasn't his best run, he said. And I could kinda tell as it looked like Death was running across the finish line. But he had a good excuse. The next morning at the doctors he found out he had Bronchitis.

So to sum-up, my husband ran 13.1 miles with bronchitis. He's amazing. He said that he didn't even bonk until mile 11. Without bronchitis I usually bonk between mile 6 and 8. He seriously is amazing.

So after his half, I slept for a few hours. Sounds fair, right? Then some friends picked me up for He's Just Not That Into You (click it! and just leave the song/soundtrack on in the background. Love it!) and the rest of the day was a flurry of unpacking and I now have all of my clothes beautifully organized in my humongous closet.

Which means I also have found all of my winter clothes. A very important detail since I'm now in Maryland where there's inches of snow on the ground and I'm experiencing true winter for the first time this season. I LOVE the east coast!


LifeAtTheCircus said...

I can not imagine being so physically fit I could run a half without training and with non working lungs. Way to go Jim! He is quite the show off. :-)

We are so glad to have you on the east coast... the kids have been asking since they woke up this morning when aunt karen will be here. Can't wait to have Stella at the Circus!!

And, I have been really wanting to see that movie...listening to the song just makes me wanna see it all the more. Can't wait for it to hit redbox (b/c I am cheap like that and wait 3 mths for them to be a dollar a night at my corner grocery store)

Charlotte said...

Yea! I am glad you got to experience a little snow before it all melts away!

Rebecca said...

When Caroline attempts to go down the stairs she goes down on her bum and we say, "Bonk, bonk, bonk" everytime she hits another stair.

So all I can picture is your husband landing on his bum at mile 11. Because I have no other meaning for the word bonk.

Enjoy your weekend here on the East coast...I prefer that you bring some of that warmer Texas weather with you!

Charlotte said...

I'd love to see you while you are in town if you have some spare time. How long are you here? email me at charfitz @ mac . com

Rebecca said...

That convertible dress/tunic you found on Etsy is absolutely stinking adorable. If you bought it and plan on wearing it when the weather warms up, I think you will be the most stunningly chic pregnant girl in the whole state of Texas.

And that should be a picture on the blog the day you were it...because the baby bump will look so cute!!!!!!

Lizzie Brown said...

Did you like He's Just Not That Into You?

melodyofamom said...

He didn't bonk out until mile 11? I would have bonked out on step 11! lol....runners amaze me.