Friday, April 3, 2009

the circus has come to town

I won't have much to say today because the Circus is in town! My brother's family, all 5 of them, have taken over El Paso and Fort Bliss and we're having a ball. So I would suggest popping over to Crystal's blog to get the daily play-by-play of their visit here. Already their son is infatuated with the Army-ness surrounding us. I've enjoyed an impromtu picnic in our backyard with their other daughter. And their youngest was the picture of absolute cuteness just now cuddling with mom after her nap.

Often I wish Maryland wasn't so darn far from Texas. I could eat these kids up.

Tomorrow we're going to White Sands National Monument to go sledding. Yup, in shorts and t-shirts, we'll be sledding on sand. It's quite the thing to do around here. And since I don't like to post without including a picture, I've heisted one off of someone's website so that you can envy us all tomorrow.

I hope you can enjoy your weekend as much as I will. Never a dull moment here at the Grubes.


Rebecca said...

Will you please get Crystal some hand sanitizer for the flight back...and maybe some sanitizing wipes so I don't have to read about her harrowing experience with germs at the airport again? I almost shuddered at the thought of those sweet faced kids she has licking the terminal windows... :)

Have fun!

Nana said...

That looks like so much fun.

Susie said...

Sorry to hear that the sand sledding trip did not go as well as planned. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the circus visit.