Tuesday, May 5, 2009

nursery inspiration

Well, we got quite the response on the Nursery Theme vote. It seems the monkeys were a hit! They got a whopping 14 votes. The Arcadia prints (my favorite) got a dismal 4 votes, the Leaves only 2. And then my dad suggested submarines since he was in the Navy and all. My nephew was disappointed there were no Spiderman options. And since he's 5 and the closest boy I know to having a nursery and an opinion, I feel I shouldn't discount his preference.

So all of that said, I am closer to making a decision, but can't jump into the monkeys all the way. Sorry folks, my heart just won't let me do it. But maybe I'll incorporate a few monkeys here and there? We'll see. I still have a few months.

In the meantime, I've been surfing the web for inspiration...

I love this nursery from Design Sponge because the color scheme works without being matchy-matchy, or themed. And I LOVE the rug. It's a bunch of carpet tiles by Flor. I would never have put those particular squares together, but it looks like a quilt for your floor. So of course that makes it my favorite.

This nursery from Sew Liberated is so minimalistic, it calls out to me. It's designed in the Montessori philosophy which really isn't me (ie: we'll have a real crib). But look at that wall mural. It's from Wee Gallery and I think it just makes the room.

This isn't the best picture, but if you visit Milo's nursery over at ohdeedoh, you'll see some clever mural ideas and a print that I might just have to get. It's whimsical. I think I could design a nursery around it, in fact.

I've always loved these paper globes and have tried to decide if they would work well in a boy's room. What do you think? (Also from ohdeedoh.)

But then, wouldn't it be fun to design a nursery around this? It wouldn't be boring. Think of all the color you could play with! I found it on Etsy a few days ago and I know you'll be pleased because "M is for monkey".

I could waste hours on the internet looking at nursery pictures. In fact, I just kinda did. If you find anything good, let me know!


shannon_milinovich said...

it is so hard (but so much fun) to plan your baby's room. i saw this fabric and fabric designer and thought of you. There are monkeys on one of the prints - but it is simple/modern. You could use fabric like this in the arcadia quilt you liked. I especially love the green, yellow, tangerine and gray fabric that says "baby" (the gray - really sets off the design...)http://www.windhamfabrics.com/cgi-bin/fabricshop/gallery.cgi?Category=316&View=All&v=1

Lynzi said...

I love the blue and brown in the first picture and the green in the one with the bed on the floor. I think avoiding a theme is a great call for you! You can always throw in a stuffed monkey or a monkey picture/mural in the appropriate colors without it looking matchy matchy. I think that the globes would look great in a boy's room! Blue and brown is pretty trendy right now but how cute would that be!?! I also adore the tiles they used in that rug! How Karen! :) Anyway, I am not as creative as you are but I have been doing quite a bit more painting these days and if you find something you would like done for a canvas or picture on the wall I would love to do that for you. If you check my facebook you can see the three I did for Caleb's room. I am also probably doing something for Rebecca's new baby and I am in the process of doing three huge pictures for my brothers. I would love to do something for you as a gift. If you are interested...
Anyway...here are a couple things I found that I thought you might want to see...this is a bit cheese but very Stella in style and color...

If you look closely at the art over this bed it is backed in polka dot fabric and has the sillouettes of animals over it...this could easily be modified for a boy and be super cute...BTW sorry all this is pottery barn I was just looking at the catalogues ;) I know you probably try to avoid their stuff since they mass produce but my point is that you could do something similar.

They also recently had a design...it isn't for sale but they used it in the room...where multiple frames of different shapes and sizes were pieced together and inside each was a different part of a tree. It was really cool!
Guess I have probably written enough! lol! Hope you are having fun nesting :)

Julie B. said...

I really like the "floor quilt" and the paper globes would work in a boy's room as long as they aren't, say, pink. I like the wall art at Land of Nod http://www.landofnod.com/spill.aspx?c=270&pc=70 and got a set of their animal alpha cards b/c they were such nice whimsical watercolors.

Megan said...

I love the floor "quilt" - it adds a ton to the room in an unexpected place. You could go simpler on the walls and the quilt/rug would add some nice color and style.
I think you'll be glad you aren't going with a set theme. You could get a ton of monkey stuff and end up not liking it as much. Also you'll be able to add touches as you see what fits your boy.
Man, I guess I was one of the 2 leaf fans - I might have to steal those colors/patterns for something!

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to see what you finally end up with...I do love that picture/mural you found on Etsy...that would be tons of fun to play around with.

Thanks for keeping us posted as you make your decision. It's fun to see what you're doing to get ready for your little Grublet.