Wednesday, July 15, 2009

cankles, among other things

Today we're supposed to hit a record high of 106 degrees. According to my swollen feet, I think we made it. The other day (also in the 100s), some friends came over to help me paint some nursery furniture. And since they are such good friends and didn't want the baby breathing any bad fumes, they pretty much made me just stand there. In the heat I could feel the fluid draining to my legs. So I looked down and couldn't believe the sausages that used to be my toes. And then I looked at my ankles, and for the first time in this pregnancy, I officially had cankles.

Don't worry, as any good pregnant lady would do, I took it as a sign that I should immediately "put my feet up".

So I took a nap.

So what else has been going on since my last post nearly 3 weeks ago?

Well, first I've been feeling extremely guilty that it's been 3 weeks. I've been imagining up some exotic excuse as to why my life has been too busy to blog. But I've come up with nothing. And I knew that ruse would be up since many of you have probably caught me stalking your blogs in the meantime. So laziness wins the day and here I am eating humble pie... again.

I've also been feeling overwhelmed a bit by the fact that in 2 1/2 weeks I'm supposed to bring a kid into the world. The other morning as he was doing headstands in my uterus, I was picturing this cute kid and what it would come out looking like. And then I pictured ten centimeters. And then I kinda panicked. So I picked up my hospital labor book and started reading.

And last week Jim and I went to our first Birthing Class. When they turned out the lights for the video, I took your advice, and promptly told Jim that I wasn't watching it. I might have peeked once, though. Which I immediately regretted. Did you know that ten centimeters is only a starting off point? The head alone is bigger than that! Not to mention shoulders. My eyes got really big.

I've also decided on this little speech immediately upon being admitted...
"Hi, my name is Karen Grube and I'm here to have a baby. I don't want an epidural, but I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. I don't want a mirror to watch anything that goes on during the delivery of this baby. I don't want to have any part of pulling the baby out of me. And please feel free to clean off the baby before putting him on my chest. Thank you."
I know some of you think I'm crazy for the epidural thing. And the other half think I'm a bad mom for not wanting to be the first to hold my bloody baby. But I want to enjoy those first moments, so I'd rather wait until the nurses are done scrubbing and yanking. That way I can soak it all in peacefully.

Also... On this Army post, the prize of every pregnant woman is receiving the coveted Parking Pass that allows her to park in the first row of the commissary and hospital. So far I've gotten to use it not just once, but twice! I was so excited that I've taken a picture each time, but I'll only bore you with the one.

And last but not least.... a picture. My vanity almost kept me from posting this, but at 37 1/2 weeks (not to mention that 3 of those I've been MIA), I know I owe you. I'm definitely feeling big all over. I've got the pregnancy waddle down. And often I feel like I've been punched between the legs. Those are all good signs, my midwife tells me. She also says I've "dropped". Meaning we're that much closer to little Grublet's big day!

I promise to be better at posting. There's so much I want to share with you all. And I promise it'll be before the baby comes...


Erin said...

so glad to hear from you. i was getting nervous.
hey, you know i'm ms. natural birth girl, but i do try to keep my opinions to myself *most of the time*, but i just thought i'd let you know that the mirror thing is very motivating when you're pushing. at least for me. to see progress really helped. also, they're not usually bloody, but have white lotiony stuff on them. i bet you'll want him on your chest right away. you won't care.
keep us posted! love you.

Megan said...

Love that picture! I am so happy you posted a picture - you look great!

I'm with Erin in saying that you probably won't care and there is so much adrenaline and all modesty is thrown out the window and you never know you might end up pulling that baby right up onto your chest (I did and totally didn't plan it - never even thought about it). I never did use a mirror though.

A book I've heard people recommend is Your Best Birth for helping you decide on a birth plan - but I never read it since it's newer (it is pro natural/less intervention so if you do read it, that's where it will be leading you - just in case you aren't interested)

Very sad not to see a picture of the cankles! After 3 weeks I think you owe us that! ;)

And Happy Birthday to you as well!

Julie B. said...

I'm going to print your "speech" out for my second birth. The first time I handed them my 2-page "birthing plan" and said, "I wrote this out b/c I read I should, but if I change my mind and want the epidural, please don't hold me to the plan!" Your speech has My 3 Important Elements, tho, no epidural (I think), NO mirror and I can wait until baby is at least wiped off a little : ). Yipes, and I definitely don't want to deliver any part of him by myself!

Rach said...

For the record, my speech was, "Hi, my name is I want an epidural."

Happy said...

So glad to have a Stella update!! I can't believe the little Grubelet is due in two weeks! That's crazy! Time really flew least for me watching your pregnancy progress on the blog it went fast.

I have given birth without and then with an epidural. If I can do it without then anyone can. So if that is your plan (it wasn't mine, but it ended up that way) then I think you should go for it! And if you change your mind at some point in the labor, then go for the needle of pain relief.

As for me I will be calling the hospital to order my next epidural sometime in this month so that they have it ready for when November comes!

Or maybe I'll give natural another go....doubtful, though. I'm a big sissy.

Do you like having a midwife?

I bet you want to hold the baby right away, too.

And I think I glanced in the mirror once or twice with each. It neither helped me nor grossed me out. It was just sort of there.

As for helping to pull the baby out...well, I think that's best left for the doctors too!

So exciting...can we see some finished pictures of the nursery? You look fantastic...swollen ankles (that we can't see) and all. You're glowing!

Well, let's not be three weeks before the next post, kay?

And Happy Birthday!

Shawna said...

So glad you have returned & with a current photo! You couldn't be more beautiful! You are all BABY! I can't wait to see the little guy. Miss you & please keep the updates coming. I love reading your blog.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Daughter!!!!
How fun that you and your Sister-in-Law share July 16th birthdays.

I love you latest prego picture. You will be a great Mommy.

Your Mommy

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

I know that you probably feel huge, but you look great! Hang in'll be feeling much better with a baby in your arms in no time!

Jen said...

:) Happy Birthday. So good to hear from you on this blog.

Susie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
I love the picture of you - as expected you look great! And don't worry, you will be so happy and excited when your son arrives, that you will do what you don't think you will be able to do!!! Can hardly wait for pictures of your baby's arrival.

Angela said...

You look super cute pregnant! Can't wait to meet the newest Grube!Try to enjoy these next couple of weeks and go on as many dates as possible!
You are going to be a great mom and a champ at childbirth too, I'm sure!

KToth said...

You look great. Beautiful belly.
Stick with your intuition regarding what you want. And birth plans are good, but the nurses will do what they want unless you have an advocate (a doula is totally worth it, but Jim can be that advocate if he has confidence in knowing what you want). And remember that you can refuse any medical treatment you want (they can't actually make you keep those monitors strapped to your contracting belly). And squats are soooo helpful in bringing that baby down the tunnel. I swear by them during contractions and think that they shortened my labor to 4 hours with Joshua from 3 days like I had with Caleb.
I love your speech, but you might want to have Jim rehearse it b/c I wasn't able to talk to anyone.
Also remember that in the end, none of the terrifying and painful labor stuff will matter a bit as your heart swells to unknowable levels in your love for this new little one. :) said...

awh... i love the preggo picture... wish i could see you live and in person with that cute preggo belly of yours. thanks for sharing. i can't wait to meet and hold my nephew!!!

Kelli said...

You look Beautiful! The end.

Crafty P said...

gorgeous! gosh Karen, I sooooo missed you! I can see that you are getting tons of beauty sleep as you look stunning at 37 1/2 weeks!! I mean it!

Happy belated birthday my dear. I love your mantra and feel the same way. What can I say, I'm a bit selfish. I like my "me" time! I realize that was another post, but it's late and they're all smearing together for me now.

I still have something to send to little baby Grublet. Let's pray I can get my act together to get it to you soon! (I procrastinate and I am not proud of that)

Mya said...

My dear Karen,

It is so good to hear an update! I'm super excited for the Grube family and I can't wait to meet your little one!

I agree with everyone else's comments - you really do look beautiful. I'm serious.

We miss you all so much and we're rooting for you!!