Monday, August 10, 2009

i am "that lady"

Remember this statement from a few posts ago?
And I was so trying not to be "that girl". You know, the one who comes in like five times before she's actually admitted because she's sure this is IT.
Apparently you can earn that title by calling too much, too. Because last night was the fourth night of counting very painful contractions for hours (4 1/2 to be exact) before they dropped off and I fell asleep.

And so, last night, like the previous three, I called Labor & Delivery, which is now programmed conveniently into my phone, and asked some questions. Maybe I just needed to hear someone say that this was normal and I'll be fine. Or more likely, I needed a nurse to agree with me that this totally sucks and I'm sorry you hurt so bad. Either way, partly into the conversation she asked my name. When I answered, this was her response:
"Oh, you're that lady."
No kidding.

Yes, I'm the lady who has called every night giving my argument for the dislike of the phrase "false labor", wondering if it's possible for a baby to accidentally fall out of your pelvis, and if I show up without my contractions being close enough but wincing in a pain I've never known, can you please not send me home?

It seems I've called enough and sounded desperate enough that they've pulled my medical record and it's been floating around just in case I come in. Everyone seems to know the name "Karen Grube". I'm flattered, really.

Since many have asked - after my appointment tomorrow afternoon we'll have a plan for induction. I'm hoping tomorrow night is free for them.

And for the record, at 41 weeks + 2 days, I might have changed my opinion on an epidural.


Megan said...

You need to call a friend so they can commiserate with you! Too funny that they have your file on hand and know you by name!

What you tried to get labor going? Sex is one many people swear by (and not just 9 months ago). Other forms of stimulation as can look that up!

Various natural teas and stuff like that are recommended. My midwives would have had me drink some castor oil (obviously double check all this) and said that it works for most!

I hope you are able to post something on fb or a quick something on your blog when you're heading to the hospital for good.

I'll pray that your labor gets going - I only had one day of that but it was definitely frustrating.

Megan said...

That sentence should be "What have you tried to get labor going?"

mhunter said...

hang in there, karen!!! he will come out soon. i guess that little man is just so cozy in his momma's tummy. :) will be praying for you and jim!

Angela said...

Hey Karen, we are praying!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Oh no! Well, at least you can skip the introductions when you get to the hospital!!

erin w. said...

oh man, Karen, I can't believe that its been that long. I would go crazy. Both my kiddos came right on time, and I seriously couldn't have waited any longer. Maybe my impatience, but like you said contractions just suck and sleeping ... well, I'd rather be sleeping and waking to nurse, then not sleeping at all because I'm uncomfortable.

I can't believe that they said "oh your that lady" to your face well not actual face, but over the phone face. I also can't believe you haven't already had an induction. I thought these days the max you could wait is a week... shows what little I know about this whole process. Did your doctor give you any hope last time you were in? Like dilated & effaced? This might be TMI, but they stripped my membranes with Cami & Noah. With Cami, I went into labor that evening (literally, 4 hours and a bunch of mexican later).

Anonymous said...

the more pregnant i get, the more "harmful drugs that will hurt the baby for my own selfish benefit" sound really nice. be amy poehler, and be not afraid to say, "OO- OOOOH!"

Happy said...

OH my the girl who reference Baby it!!!

Really, I am so Amy Poehler and my best friend is so Tina Fey in that movie. However, I'd like to clarify that I've never peed in anyone's sink.


This totally stinks, Grube better get a nice healthy slap on the bottom when he does arrive for all the misery and discomfort he's causing his poor mama!

I'm sure you aren't the only "that lady." I know I was "that lady" when I was close to delivering Caroline.

So, you're in good company, if I do say so myself!!!!


Still praying for you and commiserating with you...and I'm so glad Megan mentioned, I felt so strange putting that out there in the last post's comments.

Thanks, Meg!

Kevin and Amy said...

Okay...since we're all being blunt here...allow me to share what I consider the biggest sign of true labor. Diarrhea. Plain and simple. When the body begins to purge, you know you're on your way. Isn't THAT nice?

Why am I more anxious to learn that your baby is on his way than I was with my own baby?!?! Oh wait...because I was only two days overdue...not a WEEK and two days. That's probably it.

Do some squats, have some sex...and bring on the diarrhea! (never, ever, EVER thought I'd write those words)

Julie B. said...

Um,this makes me blush since I know your mom and she reads this : ) but--the combination of a live bagpipe concert, plate of hot wings and um...socializing with my husband...yielded water breakage within 3 hours. How I will ever replicate that perfect storm is a good question, but if you're in El Paso, I imagine that spicy food must be plentiful? Maybe after your Dr. appt? I'm praying for you, and there's no shame in an epidural if you want it : )

Erin said...

I'm a little late because I'm sure you're on your way to your appt. Sex and a glass of wine were my instructions for n. and they worked within a day.
but i already told you, i took 2 trips with c. before i was actually in labor. it happens!
keep us posted!

Happy said...

ditto on the diarrea. can't believe i forgot about it and can't believe i'm commenting twice just to admit to it.


if nothing else all these comments should be making you laugh, right?!

Shawna said...

I have never had a child but all these comments from your "trusted" friends should give you some advice, challenges, solutions, comfort or you could just back out now and say you are rethinking this whole child thing. Oh....wait.....I think it is too late for that :)
I hope you get to experience childbirth soon and I know you will do great..with or without drugs.