Thursday, August 20, 2009

Elijah Dale

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on the announcement of our little guy. We have been loving all over him the last week and I can't get enough. He is so handsome and charming and cuddly and his head smells so good. I've decided this is my favorite stage so far.

In between nursing and sleeping and nursing and sleeping, I've been writing numerous blog posts in my head. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to get to the computer until now. I have not been purposely absent, just really tired.

Many of you have commented on his name and I'm so glad you love it as much as I do.

Elijah means "the Lord is my God". A truth I pray he will someday know for himself. Or he could reign down fire from heaven. Both would be fine by me.

Dale is my grandfather on my dad's side. I had the honor of living with him and my Nana for a few years. In that time we developed a unique relationship as granddaughter and grandpa that I'll never forget. Sadly he passed away last year, but he's with our Lord and I know I'll get to hang out with him again someday. We'll probably play a game a Cribbage together. I can't wait. It makes me tear up thinking about it.

And now for pictures! You may have seen some of these on Facebook, so I'm sorry for the repeats. But these are some of my favorites.

When we brought him home, Jim thought he should have a picture with a gnome. Why not.

This is when Roxy met Eli. Since then she's been pretty disinterested.

G is for Grube!

Such studs. Aren't they hot?

This picture cracks me up every time. Note the grub onesie.

This is my favorite expression. He can be such a pouty-face.

I'll be telling the birth story in segments, as many of you have asked. Starting tomorrow, I hope!


Christina said...

He is beautiful! So sweet!!! Congrats!

Crafty P said...

(2 christina's! how fun!)

Oh Karen, you are lucky i live so far away b/c I would just gobble that little grubelet up in a heartbeat.

love the picture of all of you- suh-weet!

enjoy these days, my dear!

mrsbuckett said...

:) He is soooooo handsome! Hope you are settling in ok. thinkin of u and prayin for you!

Kevin and Amy said...

Wow...he REALLY IS HANDSOME!!! He's got great hair...such great hair. And amazing skin. He's totally going to be a Jonas brother or something (you know, when he's not dealing with fire from heaven).

Karen, he really is an absolutely gorgeous baby...oh, just such sweetness. I love that this is your favorite stage so far...excellent call.

Kerri Smith said...

I can't wait to meet him in person soon!!!

Holly J said...

Karen, what a doll. Congrats to you and Jim. When things settle down and routine takes over we'll have to set up a visit.

Erin said...

He is so adorable! i have been obsessively checking your blog for the birth story. i can't wait. but i know how hard it is to get 'puter time with an infant around...

Happy said...

I totally plan on driving to MD and sneaking into Crystal's suitcase because I just have to meet him! (Well, and you too!)

He is perfection in a newborn. His skin is flawless and that hair! Oh my. I just want to rub his little head.

I totally felt like a bonafide stalker when I was able to be sneaky and look at Jim's facebook pics (see your wall for details), but it was so worth it.

Can't wait to hear the birth story.

Angela said...

Karen, He is soo cute! I have to say he looks like a little Jim. Your family picture looks great too! I am excited to hear your birth story, but no pressure- your rest is more important!
Wish we lived closer!

erin w. said...

i adore all the pictures! congratulations karen & jim, what a blessing!!

i also adore his little onsies. you have to give the scoop on where you got those also.

Susan Calzada said...

Karen, he's adorable! And he's wearing the cutest little customized outfits. Did you make those? You probably whipped them up from your hospital bed. Congratulations. And facebook- why aren't we friends? I could have been looking at these pictures days ago! I'm sending you a friend request right now...
Enjoy your little man!

Susie said...

What a SUPER CUTE little guy you have there!! Enjoy this time together. Love the pictures :-)

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Soooo cute! I love the motorcycle picture, it's very cute!