Monday, September 28, 2009

vote for Christian!

Updated: Sadly Christian did not win. We suspected it might be "Lisa" who had a killer video of her own. Pesky Lisa. Well, I hope she enjoys Oregon. Thank you for your help!

We need your help. In between all the Mexican indigestion, Kerri and I were hard at work on a video. As a surprise for her husband, Kerri entered Christian in a contest that would win him a trip to Oregon to learn how to make better cheese. Because to say Christian likes cheese would be an understatement. And yes, he does make his own cheese. (I didn't even know you could do that.)

His video is on YouTube and we need you to give it 5 stars and leave wonderful comments about how badly you think he'd be the best person for the win. The judges will ultimately be the ones to decide, but if we utilize the power of social media and prove he's popular, than it can't hurt, right?

So click HERE and tell us what you think!

Oh, and he likes goats, too.


Kerri Smith said...

I even talked Christian into letting me send the video to one of his female co-workers to spread the word. They hosted a lunch time showing of the video. They were all very impressed with our work. Many thanks to my executive producer! (I was the EXECUTIVE executive producer...) said...

Off to vote... any cheese making friend of Karen's is a friend of mine too!!