Sunday, February 7, 2010

the east has been good to us

Eli and I have been back east for 63 days and it's been a whirlwind. We've seen friends and family galore. And now we've seen snow. Lots of it. And like any good mother, I made sure to take the obligatory kid-who-can-barely-move-inside-his-snow-suit pictures. We couldn't get any smiles out of him, but I assure you the giggles returned once he thawed inside.

If I was still in Texas and had missed all this winter wonderland fun, I would have cried. Because I. Love. Weather. For the 29 hours that it took us to get our 24 inches, I was a constant on I love me some satellite trackers. The whole thing brought back high school memories, bugging the neighbor next door who just happen to be the superintendent of the school system to beg him to cancel school for the week.

As the first snowflake fell, my mom and I hit up the two stores that every girl needs when stocking up for a snow-in: Safeway and JoAnns. Along with everyone else. It seems we weren't the only ones looking for milk and some crafty entertainment for the weekend.

Eli didn't seem phased by the excitement too much. Which is too bad, really. Had he been a year or two older, this would have been his winter to remember. He may never see snow like this again.

Of course, we could always get stationed in Alaska...


Anonymous said...

Looks like the two of you had a nice time. Did you make anything nice with your mom?

Crafty P said...

yes, what did you crafty girls come up with?
he is getting so big, karen! what a cutie pie!!

ps. do you have posters of jim cantore hanging anywhere in your house? ;)

Kerri Smith said...

He's so cute!!! I'm still jealous of your extra snow... although, we could get another 6-10 tues/weds! said...

Great pictures! Even though you are close, I feel like we haven't seen you in awhile, thanks to all this snow!! He is such a cutie and seems to have gotten bigger in just this past week. What am I ever going to do when you go back home?

Christie said...

Is that a crocheted cap peeking out from under Eli's snowsuit?