Sunday, March 7, 2010

tx and emails

Remember this pic? It's amazing what a year and 3 months can bring.

Texas has welcomed us with open arms and amazing weather. Today the blinds are drawn and the back door is open to let the beautiful sunshine in. A few flies, too, actually. But nothing is deterring me from loving this Texas spring.

So first and foremost I would like to give El Paso a shout-out for it's short-sleeves and flip-flops.

Secondly, I'd like share with you a little snapshot of life here for Karen and Eli. I wasn't able to talk to Jim for a few days last week so as I was missing him something terrible, I sat down to type and email. I thought I'd share some of it with you:
so, things i've wanted to tell you the last few days...
  • Eli is by far the cutest little boy in the world. i love his puffy i-just-woke-up eyes and the way he melts into me when i first pick him up after a nap.
  • except when i have to see those eyes at 4:30 in the morning. like this morning. and a few others this week.
  • poor little guy is teething like crazy. drool galor. i got some Hylands teething tablets (thankfully endorced by Julie H.) and i'm not sure how well they help but at least i feel like i'm doing something for him. he sounds so pathetic with his wimpering.
  • Eli had his first playdate yesterday. apparently there's a standing invitation to all those in the neighborhood to meet at the playground at 10am on Mondays.
  • i love living on post.
  • and Eli loves the swing. he's still a little small for it, but he was happy to gnaw on the plastic seat all the same.
  • i'm still kicking myself for forgetting my camera. it was a beautiful El Paso first day of March. it was worthy of being documented and i failed. thankfully there's always next Monday.
  • remember how he didn't like carrots the other day? well, i've stealthfully hidden them in rice cereal and applesauce which works like a charm. and his poop is now sprinkled with orange confetti.
  • oh, and Eli had his first baby-sitter last night! he and she did great. Issi is Lisa's daughter and lives close enough to walk here, making things much easier. it was only for a few hours but he was peacefully sleeping when i got home from Bunco night.
  • until i decided to check on him and thought he was so cute laying face-up and spread eagle in the crib that i ended up waking him up. BIG mistake. he screamed bloody murder for most of an hour until I finally gave up and nursed him to sleep. BabyWise would be so disappointed in me.
  • lesson of the evening: let sleeping babies lie.
  • in other news... it's so dry here that sometimes when i go to pet Roxy, i shock her and she doesn't want to come near me for a while. i always feel so bad.
So we're all doing well here. Except for a little teething. And some desert air.


Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

glad you're back. I was loving the weather today myself :) said...

What an awesome pic of him! Hope for both of your sakes that the teeth pop through soon! Can't wait to see his toothy grin!

I also hope that you and Jim are able to reconnect soon, I know how much you both enjoyed your skype times! Praying for you.

Susan said...

It is good to read your post. Dad and I enjoyed or skype time with you today. Miss you but glad you are home and back connected with your friends and community.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I'm glad to hear you all are doing great, back in El Paso. Living on post is great here as well, but we can't get a house on Ft. Bliss, so we settled for off post. I hope to see you soon. The kids and I are driving in Friday night.

erin said...

Poor little Eli. I hate teething! Noah is going through it like crazy right now. I'm a big advocate of the teething tabs! :-) Glad you are enjoying your Texas weather.

Erin said...

Glad to hear you're all settled. We're finally starting to slowly thaw up here. Instead of 2 feet of snow, we only have about 6 inches left... Eli sure is cute!

Susie said...

Great update! You are so humorous. Love the pictures - especially the one of you and Eli at the texas map. God has really brought you through quite a year. Praying you are connected with Jim soon. Sending hugs!!

Happy said...

Babywise is constantly pointing its (proverbial) finger at me....I totally believe the book, but I have a tendency to

Love both pictures...little Eli is just precious and I'm so glad El Paso has welcomed you both back with open arms and gorgeous weather.

Bunco, huh? We have that game, but we haven't played it yet. We'll have to give it a try.

Charlotte said...

will we ever get to see some nursery pics??? the ones you posted a few months ago can only hold us over for so long! ;)

Anonymous said...

What is Bunco?

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