Sunday, July 6, 2008

weekend notes: busy holiday!

Actually, due to a computer power cord situation and lots of travel, this will be more like a full week in review....

It started with a spontaneous trip to MD to see old friends and stay with my brother's family.  I caught up with an elementary school friend living in CO, hung out with a high school friend I'm ashamed to say I've seen only twice in the last 9 years, ran an invigorating 4.25 miles with my sis-in-law Crystal (you'll see us at the Annapolis 10-miler in August), and had a million-and-one laughs, compliments of a certain household of 5 I love to call my family!  It also included at least two nights where we saw 2 a.m. before calling it a night.  Don't you love it when your family is that cool?

Then it officially became the holiday weekend on Wednesday when I picked up Jim, my other sis-in-law and her 2 month old on my way back home.  By Friday it was a packed house with 9 people and 5 dogs all sharing the same space.  The more the merrier, right?  I managed to squeeze in a short run (we'll call it a warm-up) and an hour at the gym.  Otherwise it was lots of barbecues and friends.  Today everyone headed off to their respective homes or army school and peace & quiet remained.  Dinner was french toast made from leftover hamburger buns and eggs, followed by my favorite Sunday night show, Design Star (sorry, Stephanie, but you just had to go).

To do this week:

1) Catch up with Facebook.   Why did I think this was such a great idea?  It stresses me out...  2 friend suggestions, 24 friend requests, 1 piece of flair request (what the??), the list goes on.  Pray for me...

2) Run, run, run!  Weights, weights, weights!  My plan has always been to alternate running and weightlifting (nothing fancy) 3 days each per week.  This has yet to happen.  I will not be defeated!  This is my week!

3) Hopefully a game of golf with Rick if the weather and smoke cooperate.

4) Play a game of tag with Megan on the blogsphere.

5) Make either a salad or a dessert (still not sure which I signed up for) for the best weekend of every year - our annual college get-together.  It started with 8 girls from Grove City College determined to stay in touch, who have gotten married, procreated and now number 27.5 (anyone else going to show up prego besides Erin?).  It's always a blast and I can't wait.


Crystal said...

We are so glad you visited the circus with us this week. You are an awesome auntie, sister, and friend. We love bunches!!!

Good luck with the work outs this week. I too have big goals for getting back on track. Looking forward to the race later this summer!

Muthering Heights said...

It sounds like a busy week, but certainly a fun one!

Megan said...

Can't wait for this weekend!
Very impressed by your exercise regime - that was me last year and I've completely abandoned it! :(

Mom said...

So glad we were able to see you last week. I really like your living within a couple of hour drive instead of 12 hour drive.

Have a great week and weekend.

Susie said...

Where do you find the energy?!?!?
Looking forward to hearing about you and Crystal and 2 more finishing the race!! What inspiration - keep working at it.

Anonymous said...

So what is that fabulous art at the top of July 6. Something else beautiful you made? -Dena