Friday, September 26, 2008

week in review: life in VA

This week saw me driving to and fro from Suffolk, VA to Jim's more than once. Thus the I'm-a-cop-magnet day on Wednesday. But it also means I got to see lots of my hubby which always tips the scales towards the plus. Not to mention that he got out of class early every day that I was there. How about that for focusing on the positive?

I'm hoping the weather holds out for the weekend. We don't have a lot planned, but I always like an excuse to be outside.

Thoughts for the week:
  • don't be overzealous and hem your jeans before you wash them, in case, ahem, they shrink and don't need to be hemmed
  • it pays to be polite in traffic court. Driver's Training here I come
  • DQ M&M Blizzards make bad days better
  • bagel bottoms are my favorite
  • Jim wants a humidor man-room complete with window vent system, so he can smoke his cigars inside. um...
  • my Gma's birthday would have been yesterday. It made me miss her terribly. Thank you for the great post, Crystal
  • closing out Panera Bread on a weeknight might just land you eight bagels, a blueberry muffin, a chocolate chip pastry, and a loaf of asiago bread - all free!
  • I find crocheting hexes to be quite relaxing
  • conflict stresses me out so I don't think I'll be watching the debate tonight
  • Waverly, VA had a tornado warning today. Coincidentally, I'm feeling a little guilty for my thought-life today
  • planning our trip to Germany has got me all sorts of giddy
  • I'm leaving you for the weekend with a video from Kings of Convenience. This song is a favorite lately and it's been in my head all day. Love the little ballarinas. Not so much the uber-long thumbnail. But I'm diggin' the dance moves and might just try a few out myself
Have a great weekend and watch out for those cops!


Anonymous said...

Who is this band and why have I not heard of them before?! They're awesome!

LifeatTheCircus said...

Delightful song... perfect for my quiet nap time house right now. :-)

Can I say that I HEART that whale tee shirt in your etsy finds? Very.Cute.

Happy weekend...hope it is delightful!

Muthering Heights said...

Oh heck yeah on the Panera freebies! Any place like that has to THROW their stock away at the end of the night to make room for the fresh goods in the morning...there is actually a whole groups of people who dumpster dive for most of their food, and you can find them hanging around the back door of Paneras in larger cities...

Rach said...

The opening scene in this video is from a british film called "Billy Elliot" which is actually really good if you've never given it a look.

I need to send you some of my newer music. It's gotten to be stuff I really enjoy listening to as much as making. All musicians should enjoy their own music. Listening to music is the best part of making it.

Rebecca said...

I'm afraid I'm stuck on the fact that crocheting hexes relaxes you.

I'm afraid it would have a very opposite effect on me.

There would be hives involved, I'm sure.

Lots and lots of hives.

And possibly it would bring back my old swearing habit I gave up.

I'll be catching up on my Believing God homework tonight. And cleaning and cooking tomorrow.

Have a good weekend outside hopefully!

Adina said...

I wish i could crochet hexagons! Im still learning more advanced stuff in the world of crocheting/knitting. Are you doing the hexagons for that afghan in one of your previous posts?

-Dani Heinle

Ps. I like your blog :)

Virginia Traffic Court said...

Careful in Virginia traffic court. If your speed is high enough (20+ over the limit), they can really jack up the fines.

boqpod said...

Thanks for posting this video clip! Now that my daughter regularly sports a ballerina costume I thought it was a hoot!

Crafty P said...

that reminds me that I bought my husband a humidor eons ago and it sits on the top shelf of his closet... unused. it is beautiful. he doesn't smoke cigars nearly enough to warrant a humidor, but alas, it was the thought that counted.

i love cigar boxes.

that's what I got from your post today!