Friday, October 17, 2008

things you missed: Monday with Julie

It's Friday and normally I'd do a week re-cap, but too much happened with too many pictures. So instead of one grand sum-up, we'll take it a little at a time.

On Monday I got to cart my friend Julie and her daughter Lily around Annapolis as we waited out their 14 hour layover. They were headed to Germany so it gave us lots of time to:
  1. catch up on the summer and all of her adventures now that she lives there,
  2. talk all about the fun things we'll see and do when Jim and I visit in 2 weeks (2 weeks!)
  3. learn how the military Space-A program works - the one that let's 2 people fly to Europe for under $100 round trip!!
In-between all of that we:
  • walked around downtown Annapolis, one of my favorite things to do
  • waited in a ridiculously long line at Starbucks
  • gave up at Starbucks and got our caffeine fix at the locally owned Hard Bean Cafe
  • watched Lily climb all over the super-fun playground outside St. Mary's
  • ordered take-out sushi for lunch
  • put Lily to bed in a borrowed pack-n-play (thanks, Crystal!)
  • talked about the latest fashions over my InStyle magazine (what's with those ridiculous shoes everyone is wearing?)
  • and just relaxed
  • until we snagged some Dairy Queen before heading to BWI for their 9:30pm flight
You know how you have those friends who are so comfortable that catching up is far less about events missed and more about "how are you really doing"? Julie is one of those absolute-must friends for me. She was a God-send when I lived in Fort Campbell, and I think God knew we both needed to move within weeks of each other (her to Germany, me to Texas via Virginia) or one of us would go insane without the other. Maybe that's a little dramatic, but really you'd understand if you knew us. We even share a crafty gene.

And what makes all of that better is that our husbands are just as close. She and I met while they were fighting the bad guys in Iraq. We prayed and prayed that they would be friends when they got back. And God is good. Ryan and Jim have shared many a cigar and a lot of other memories that aren't blog-friendly. Consiquently Julie and I coined the phrase man-brain: n. the stupid things males do when consequences are not thoroughly considered. We had many a night hanging out with the Howards while at Fort Campbell. Sadly those days are over, but the spirit of them will be relived in 10 short days when Jim and I space-a to Germany!!!!

Soon. sigh.


Rebecca said...

I know just the kind of friend you speak of. I've got one just like her.

And aren't you three adorable in that picture!

Love the side swept bangs, Stella.

I tried that once, but I couldn't pull it off right.

What else? Oh yes, I DID NOT sleep away my birthday in dream land...I worked and then went home and celebrated with my babies. Loved it.

Have fun this weekend! Be safe!

Muthering Heights said...

Great friends like that are truly a blessing!

mrsbuckett said...

:) yay! So glad you got to catch up with Julie and Lilly and that the adventures are just beginning!

Megan said...

So cool that you're going to Germany and for so cheap!!! Where all are you headed? It's great to have friends where all four of you get along and the guys can go hang by themselves and let you enjoy some girl talk (in your case - In Style!)
Have a great time this weekend. Say hello to everyone at GCC - We'll have to plan something next year for our tenth!

Randy & Laura said...

You look so pretty in this picture! It is nice to hear about a beloved friend, what a treasure! It is lovely to have one nearby, but being able to visit is also a nice second.

On a different note, I purchased my first pair of jeans that I am going to try to hem!!! I can't fully describe how different I felt shopping for jeans with the knowledge that I could hem them myself -- it was far from the miserable experience it usually is. I just printed out the directions. Next I'm going to wash the pants (thank you for that reminder!). After that I will go to Joann's or somewhere and get thread and a big thimble. Any tips on sewing them by hand since I don't have a machine? All I have ever done with sewing is reattaching lost buttons, so I'm excited but a little nervous.

Shawna said...

I am so jealous you are going to Germany. I hope to go one day but no on more military perks for me :(
Hope you just an awesome time!
And friends...all types...just amazing blessings! I am so thankful for you!!

Kevin and Amy said...

Well one thing is certain...those shoes are ridiculous.

Also...why is it that I cannot find a Dairy Queen up in my part of Maryland? Why is all the cool stuff out by Annapolis???

Now listen here...when you are not in Germany, Texas or Grove City...let me know because I would love to meet up with you in Annapolis (specifically at the Dairy Queen...or the Lush in the Annapolis Mall) and learn a crafty thing or two! It was great to see you this weekend!

Crafty P said...

Oh stella g. it was so good to see you this weekend, but it was way too brief. I remembered later that i didn't look at your jean's hem or that you should have showed me real quick what you did to them.

I for one, own those shoes and I'm heartbroken you think they're ugly.

I wear them with my leggings and mini skirts and my hair in a side pony tail.

yeah, and if you belive that, then you are surely crazy!

Good to get a "what's up!" from bloggy friends!

Karen said...

Have so much fun in Germany with the Howards! That is neat that you were able to met up Julie and Lily. Is Lily a lot bigger? :) I hope all is well. Sorry I missed your call the other day. When you are driving to TX give me a call on my cell. I should answer! :) Have fun!

Julie said... are TOO sweet and you were DEFINITELY an answer to my prayers at Fort Campbell. Before I met you, I thought I may never fit in in the South or the military!

And I didn't even think about it until I was home, but there wasn't even a millisecond of awkwardness when we saw each was like we picked up where we left off and I love that!
Ryan is gearing up for Jim time...he even pulled out the yard game that you bought us...can't wait to watch us all play that in the cold weather!

See you soon!