Wednesday, October 22, 2008

things you missed: Tuesday-Thursday with Becky

Hello internet friends. If you're reading this, it's because you haven't given up on me. Thanks! I've been very busy indeed with moving details. All of our earthly possessions were boxed up today. Tomorrow they drive away in a truck. The other night I had a dream that I was teaching a class to Army wives on how to move. Everything went terribly wrong as dreams do. Gratefully I awoke to probably the most stressless move I'll ever have.

But I digress.

On Tuesday, I drove the most beautiful drive. From MD to PA the trees grew more and more amazing. I love PA's rolling hills (mountains?) in the fall. That is something I will definitely miss while in TX. (Remind me to post some cactus needles falling next October.) One of my favorite parts of fall is the wind through the trees. A breeze of red, yellow, and orange leaves flittering down like confetti. I can't help but think God's throwing me my own personal party. Love it!

Then I made it to Becky's.

We have a fun story. We went to Grove City College together, but she was a few years behind me. I knew her, but not well. Many, many years later, 2006 to be exact, we randomly ran into each other on our Army post in KY. I did one of those double-takes, we caught up, and we've been great friends ever since. In fact, for 2 years she lived just down the street from me and we saw each other just about every day. And talk about crafty! This girl can sew. She can out-quilt me any day. And none of that easy patchwork stuff. She does it all. Wedding ring, log cabin, stars, applique. you name it. I didn't even know what "stitch in the ditch" was until I met her. We've spent many a night in front of Pride and Prejudiced (the long one!) with our crafts in hand.

Well she and I had a great time. I got to meet her new 5 week old and played a ton with her daughter, 2. And she even made me my favorite - tacos. We spent much of the time at her house which was fine by me. With one important exception.

On Wednesday I flew in an airplane! Yup, a Super-Cub to be exact. Her hubby Joe is a pilot and borrowed a friend's plane so I could see the trees from a totally different perspective. Man, was it awesome. He even let me "fly" as there were controls by my seat. I put "fly" in quotes because I freaked myself out, convinced I would send us into a tailspin. After about 30 seconds I pleaded that he take back the controls. Later, after a courage-lifting internal pep talk, I gave it another go and lasted about a minute and half. Flying is apparently not my thing. I just assume look out the window, thank you very much.

So a big shout-out goes to Becky who opened her farmhouse to me, complete with homemade food, cozy quilts, good conversation and memories galore! I miss you already.

6 comments: said...

What beautiful foliage! Great shots! And how super cool that you got to see it from above. I am so glad you had such a great visit with Becky... tell her Hi for me. She looks wonderful and I am glad they are all settled in in PA.
Thanks for posting again... I was on withdrawal...are you going to find a way to post while on your trip? I don't wanna wait 2 weeks for a post!!

mrsbuckett said...

I would have to agree with your sister in law...I was on withdrawl too every day just wondering if a new post would pop up from you. Guess I just enjoy you and your blog.
Glad to hear that all went so smoothly with the packers/movers. I hope travels go just as smoothly!

Megan said...

I too have been checking for a post - so glad to get more updated. What an amazing plane ride - I bet your adrenaline was pumping the entire time. I still want to hear about Germany - where all are you visiting? I love to hear about the friends you've made at the various bases. So hard to be moving, but what a blessing to find such good fellowship right down the road

Momma B. said...

Oh, don't worry about missing the wind in Texas. That's about the only way you know the seasons are changing...WIND. The only difference is that there are no trees to whistle through. It just blows. REALLY!

Mom ~~ /) ~~ said...

How cool is it that you got to go up and see the beautiful foliage from above. Way Cool. I hope you said "Hi" to Becky and her 2yr old for me.
Your trip must have been beautiful and fun.

Rebecca said...

Miss Stella,

Awesome post. I feel so grateful to live in Pa and see such beautiful foliage all the time...I love this time of year.

However, I have such a desire to see Texas in all its cactus glory so you better post pictures when you get there! Good luck with all the moving. Have fun in Germany...I'm also hoping it won't be a long time between posts.

Wonderful aerial pictures...that must have been such an awesome experience.

Well, I'm blogging to "get out of work" so I better say goodbye for now....