Wednesday, October 22, 2008

things you missed: the weekend with Kerri

Ah, my dear friend Kerri. You've met her before here. And been awed by her mad DJ skills here. And maybe even watched her/us here.

Well, once again Kerri and I were reunited for some seriously needed best friend time. This last weekend was great - as it always is with her. On Thursday we tried out a new pizza joint for dinner, the Inferno Brick Oven, and were sadly disappointed. But no worries. I salvaged the evening by shopping for shoes around downtown State College while Kerri was at worship practice.

I will say, though, that walking around a college town is a very interesting experience. I learned a few things: Uggs are still very "in", Penn State fans are intense, feeling like I look really young and blend in is a bit disconcerting, and if you're in the right place at the right time you might get a proposal from a guy hanging out a car window. Strange.

Then off to meet Kerri for her church's prayer service. I reunited with a bunch of friends from days past when I lived there working with their college ministry. It was great to see all that has happened in the last 8 years, including how God has worked in peoples' lives. All in all, it was a night of encouragement. (Your read the part about the proposal, right?)

But, Friday was a highlight for me. I got to see Kerri "gig".

Doesn't she look amazing here? We drove out to Lock Haven on Friday night to watch Kerri Lee Smith perform for a small crowd at a coffee shop. It was a late night but well worth it as I have never seen her live since college. I felt like a groupy again. Her hit of the night was Dog Shake That Squirrel, which, if you have a dog you'll totally appreciate.

After the hour ride home we dragged ourselves to bed because the next morning we had to get up EARLY to head to Grove City College for our 9 year homecoming... woohoo!

But those stories are soooo good, they'll have to wait for another post.


LifeAtTheCircus said...

My son loves Dog Shake That Squirrel and it stemmed several theological discussions about dogs, squirrels, and heaven.

Kerri Smith said...

Aw, Karen. Thanks for such a nice post! I feel so loved. It was a good weekend. There's nothing like best-friend time. Thanks to our husbands who let us get away with weekends like that once in a while!

And Crystal - I've told that story a few times at shows - it gets some good laughs!

Megan said...

So cool that you got to see a Kerr Lee gig! Maybe next year we can get her to play at GCC for Homecoming!

Rebecca said...

I'm enjoying hearing about your fun times with good friends.

You all take such great pictures. Does that happen on the first try?
Do you photoshop?

Muthering Heights said...

You were is State College....I'm very jealous....

Susie said...

Well worth the wait for these terrific posts. Do you realize how very blessed you are to have such wonderful friends and great times visiting all over the country?!?!? But I am sure you do :-)
I agree that PA has the most beautiful fall leaves. I'm looking forward to next Oct post of "falling cactus needles?"