Monday, October 27, 2008

weekend notes: the one with the ferry

Well, last weekend was our last in VA before we start heading towards TX. It involved a lot of driving (of course!) and five games of Settlers.
It began with Jim graduating from his Advance Course! This is the class he's been in all summer that has allowed us to be close to family, which happens rarely in the Army. But we also haven't been living together and we're ready for that to change. (Forgive the poor picture, but everything happened so fast, and as you can tell, Jim's not really into getting his picture taken.)

We had a celebratory lunch at P.F. Changs (my fav!) with Mama and Papa Grube and Jim's sister's family. Then we window-shopped around Stoney Point Mall, with a little Starbucks thrown in.

(an impromtu lacrosse game with Carrie in Dick's)

Then Jim and I tossed the rest of our stuff into his car and headed to Suffolk..... But then we had this great idea to call our friends Woody and Justine to see if they wanted company. And certainly they did! All we had to do was plug their address into our handy GPS and make our "next available U-turn".

Well, it wasn't quite that easy. Without paying too much attention to where we were going, we set into the groove of driving. I pulled out my crochetting and Jim played with the radio. Then we heard this from our GPS: "In 8.6 miles, board ferry." Wha?

Confusion ensued. I remembered being on a ferry when I was a kid, but... Was it even open on a Friday night? How often did it run? How long would it take? Would it be expensive? Before we got the answers to most of those questions, we were sitting in front of the Jamestown Ferry.

And it was a blast (and free). You drive your car on a boat, get out, and watch yourself cross the James River. For real!

It's apparently quite the thing to do. We weren't the only one's fascinated by alternative transit. Everyone was standing by the edge getting splashed and taking pictures.

Eventually we did make it to Woody and Justine's home. They have a great location right on the water. They can kayak out their back door! So jealous.

We ate our yummy homemade pizza over a game of Settlers and decided to, what the heck, just spend the night. Besides, that left time for another game in the morning. Except that Jim won both of them.

So all of that was just Friday. Saturday and Sunday were no less busy, but I won't bore you. I will, however, mention that we played 3 more games of Settlers and Jim won all of those, too. When you consider that each game is 1-2 hours, that's a lot of losing for me.

Lame. At least the ferry was super cool.


LifeAtTheCircus said...

WAHOO for Jim! So nice of you to let him win since he graduated from his class on Friday. We know that otherwise you def would have won EVERY.SINGLE.GAME right??

erin w. said...

have you played the expansion versions?? cities & knights. its awesome, definitely a fun build off settlers. congrats to jim for graduating!

Megan said...

My family are settlers' freaks! I am the lone holdout - I really don't want to be the one who completely sucks. But I did try the Ticket To Ride game that they (mike and sharon) have and didn't completely stink (again, they have all these games memorized and all this strategy while I'm just trying to figure things out). They are serious gamers and have all sorts of interesting foreign (I think mostly German!) games. One involved bunnies and it was bizarre - but I was actually ok at that one. Anyway- sounds like a fun weekend. I love all your travel stories - I miss those adventures.

Kerri Smith said...

man, if we'd have had Settler's when you lived in State College, just imagine how much time we'd have wasted! instead of whatever that Amish game was that we played - oh yeah - Dutch Blitz, we could have played Settlers...
have a great time in Deutschland!