Saturday, November 15, 2008

from VA to GA to TN

So this has been my view for the last 15 hours of driving. Jim and the kayaks, me following from behind in my Civic.

On Wednesday we made it to Marietta, GA in time to have a good hometown dinner with the family. Aunts, uncles and cousins, 10 of us in all. Too many for one table, so the young cousins, 21 and 26 got to sit at the kiddie table. Robbie normally would have been there, too, but he brought a girlfriend so he was granted the upgrade. It was loud and it was fun.

Thursday morning we really enjoyed catching up with our friends Dan and Angela (a.k.a. Dangela) over a delicious brunch with an obscene amount of bacon. Love it!

Then off to Panera for some lemonade with Rachael, the maker of this fabulous quilt! And a tickle session with her son Anakin. Such a cutie.

You'll notice I have no pictures of the above events because, well, I often forget to pull out my camera. Sadly, when I did remember, I discovered that my LCD screen is black with cracks in it. Discussions of an early Christmas present for Karen have commenced.

Currently Jim and I are pal-ing around with our Fort Campbell/Clarksville, TN friends and loving every minute of it. It's strange to be back in a place that was home to us only 6 months ago. Tonight is the ever-predictable and ever-important girls night at Blackhorse Pub and Brewery.

Hopefully someone else will bring their camera.


Mom ~~ /) ~~ said...

It is good to hear of you time with friends and family. Sorry about the camera 8-(
Love you both,

Crafty P said...

oh sad news about the camera. reminds to look into recommended by renee, megan's friend. she got a digital SLR for a steal!

Rebecca said...

Yes, so sad about the camera. That just stinks. I hope Santa comes early for you....

Love the Rav4...really that's just such a great SUV.

Have fun catching up with everyone, be safe on the road, and I hope the road hours fly by.

Love hearing about your travels.

Muthering Heights said...

It sounds like you're having a great trip!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

I am so confused... I read the Germany day 5 post in my google reader but didn't comment right away b/c my hands were full.... then when I came back to your site, I can't find it...what are you doing to me girlie?