Monday, November 17, 2008

the weekend in TN

(Amy, Justine, me, Mya, Julie, Becky, Holly, Kristen at Blackhorse)

Such a super-fun weekend! After two days of driving, Jim and I crashed for the weekend at our friend Mya's. Her air mattress is now lovingly nicknamed the Cloud of Glory. Roxy and Mya's dog Marley (Jim calls her Meathead) didn't really get along, but at least they gave each other a little exercise.

Me & Mya (I had just woken up, be kind.)

Friday I drove back and forth from various homes to catch up with all sorts of friends. Saturday was the planned night of girlness at Blackhorse. You know when girls get together and it just sounds like high-pitched excitement as everyone talks over everyone else? Add a few beers, a bottle of wine and that was us. Most of the girls shot out early but I decided to stay after Jim showed up with a friend. So my buddy Holly stayed by my side and we chatted the evening away. It was a late night, but everything I'd hoped it would be.

After church on Sunday we shopped for a camera and decided on this one. It's just like my old one but upgraded and not 4 years old. Merry Christmas to me.

That evening we had a great night chowing on a delish taco ring, catching up on life, and playing games with Amy & Matt Flora. She was an on-post neighbor and one of the first to encourage me to run a half-marathon. I miss having running buddies. Jim beat us handedly at Settlers twice and I was crabby because of it. Apparently I'm more competitive than I thought. Or perhaps we need to just put the game away for a while.

The whole weekend was about seeing old friends and it met every expectation. We miss our life there in a lot of ways. I pray that God has as good a friends waiting for me in El Paso. I know He does. All we have to do is get there....

Tomorrow: Memphis!


Megan said...

sounds like a fun weekend - I think I'm in a need of a girls' night after reading this!

boqpod said...

You need to wake up in the AM with "Mick Jagger" hair ... then you shall know real "bed-head" ;)

"Consider it pure joy when you face trials (including bed-head) of many kinds..."

Erin said...

sure sounds like you're making the most of your road trip. it must be crazy to have friends all over the country!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

Glad you are able to make the most of this by having a grand adventure and taking your time along the way. Also, super glad you got a new camera...I couldn't stand for you to have an excuse not to post once life settles down and you get to you gotta keep posting to get your money's worth out of that Christmas gift!

Rebecca said...

I'm jealous that you look so nice when you just wake up.

And then even nicer when you get all dolled up.


It really does sound like a great time was had by all!

So, is Memphis when you visit Graceland? I expect a good post from that one. My husband loves The King.

erin w. said...

I know God will give you all such great friends in El Paso. You have such a great personality, who wouldn't be ya'lls friend?! BTW, I'm crabby too when Chris is on a winning streak in settlers. I don't know if its the winning so much, or the unspoken gloating on his face that I'm just not into.