Tuesday, December 9, 2008

to do: christmas parties

*** You guys are great! I never expected such a response! So I had to add to the comments myself. Check it out!

So the great thing about moving to a new area around the holidays is that you are invited to parties and get to meet people quickly. And eat lots of Christmas cookies. The bad news is that we don't have any of our stuff yet so all my holiday-type-clothes are in a box somewhere far far away.

But really it isn't so bad since that means I get to go SHOPPING!

So I did and I have been. To find that perfect little dress that qualifies as "holiday casual". That's what Saturday night's invitation said anyway. Whatever the heck holiday casual means. Someone said it's like dressy church. Around here that could mean khakis. I've translated it as "party dress, but without extreme embellishment".

Which means I might be a bit dressier than the average party attendant this Saturday night, but gosh darnit, I'm going to be cute.

So last week I found myself at the BCBG Outlets and I think I did find the perfect dress. And at $58 dollars, it might be. I tried to find a picture online but the closest I could find is the one above. Mine doesn't have the ruffles, and the waist is a bit more empire so in a lot of ways it's not like that one at all. But it's super cute. And instead of listening to the Advent sermon on Sunday, I was accessorizing it in my head.

The tricky thing is, I don't have it yet. It turns out it's non-returnable so I panicked at the checkout. But I think I might go back and see if they still have it.

So, IF they do still have it, and IF I do go buy it, what shoes should I get? Do I wear black stockings since that seems to be so in right now? Do I even try to incorporate red since it is Christmas time? What about jewelry? The neckline is high, so I might forgo a necklace and opt instead for long chunky earrings. Any suggestions???

I need my blogsphere stylistas!


Rach said...

a daring woman would do red jewelry and red shoes. yum.

Crafty P said...

oh yes, RED, RED, RED!!!

I love it and I'm all about taking into consideration the suggestion for "dress" but totally doing my own thing. If I went along with what most people do, I would have worn apple bottom jeans and boots with the furr to my husband's brother's wedding a few months ago.

i did not.

lovely little navy blue ann taylor dress all the way. loved it.

I'm sure Happy has some advice for you!

Megan said...

Ok, so I will be on the other end of the spectrum on this and say stick with all black. Chunky earrings sound good too (not nec. black ones). As for tights/stockings - do you have tall/knee high black boots? Those would look great with black stockings. Or with a cool patterned pair of tights - not bright or flashy, but subtle...or just plain is fine too! I'm sure most will vote for red, but I need to make things interesting!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

I feel weird even commenting on this post as I go to you for my fashion consult not the other way around.

I like the boot idea... you look so cute in boots... black nylons with a subtle pattern and boots is my pick.. way to go Megan! But, I also agree with crafty P and Rach on the red chunky earrings.

How's that??

You MUST get a pic of you all dolled up, kay? and post it! :-)

ps: don't forget since your in Texas, the hair has got to be BIG my dear. :-)

Rebecca said...

I'm not sure I can think straight after imagining Crafty P in Apple Bottom jeans. She wore a very conservative black pant and a chic green top when we went shopping on Sunday.

And I didn't see any apple bottom jeans among her purchases.

I'm torn. The red sounds great...it would "pop" the dress, but I can't even consider wearing red on myself so I would go with patterned tights and knee high boots. I like the idea of the patterned tights, not plain ones.

If red is too bold for you (daring is a good word Rach) then what about silver accents in some way? Silver is festive.

Whatever you decide I'm sure you'll look great and we expect pictures.

I take it upon myself to speak for everyone there.

Rebecca said...

I just saw Crystal and I posted at the same time.

I ditto the big hair.

Everything's big in Texas, right?

Big hair is under appreciated here in the north.

Muthering Heights said...

If it were ME, and I were trying to look semi-casual, I would do straight hair with a black headband, big silver earrings, black tights, and some red or silver flats. :) Maybe a bracelet, depending on what kind of bag you intend to carry...

Mom said...

As the Mom I vote for:
--Sexy Red shoes (just because) Boots might not work in hot Texas.
--Lighter stockings - because they said "holiday CASUAL."
--Silver and Red tasteful earrings and necklace. You like silver and red ties in the shoes
--Mostly be yourself and not only will you have a great time but so will anyone around.

KToth said...

If you have any, killer heels always rock. If you were here, I'd let you borrow my red patents leather heels. They would be perfect with that dress. Only wear tights if it's cold.
You are so good at meeting new people. Your authenticity is your best accessory.
I Miss You!

boqpod said...

Ok, I'm a guy and I feel...like....REALLY outta place here but...I'm gonna chime in here anyway because I'm arrogant & opinionated ....

Six things:

(1) Whatsup with these chick-stylistas?!?! I didn't hear anyone say, "So what's Jim wearing?" Huh? C'mon! Let's hear some matrimonius-fashion-coordination here! :)

(2) In Texas you can't go wrong if you dress like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. But that goes back to "What does Jim think about that?" Y'know.

(3) Don't dress in either Longhorns or Aggie colors. You'll offend about half of whatever Texans you meet everywhere.

(4) Wear boots, jeans & big-hoop earrings in Texas and you'll fit right in. Oh...and ask Judi about her "big hair" days in San Antonio. (I'll post an old photo asap). Just don't be a poser! :)

(5) Or do the country music star gig...Sheryl Crow, Terri Whats-Her-Name, I don't know...they're all over the billboards down there!

(6) I can't believe your very own mom suggested "sexy red shoes". Your very own MOM :)

erin w. said...

i hope you get the dress that doesn't really look like this dress. Definitely post a pic on what you've decided! I think all black with your jewelry accented red.

Momma B. said...

Well, since I am a Texan I HAVE to give my two cents. But I am not a trendy cute thirty-something like you so take it with a grain of salt.

-Cowboy boots only work at rodeos or Friday night football games.
-Flat hair is very in right now in TX, although several eras behind the style.
-I personally would do black and silver. Very classy. But red would be sexy. Seeing that I have 4 children hanging on me at all times, I don't get to do sexy. You have to feel it to pull it off, I am just saying.

Hope you have fun what ever you decide!

Erin said...

Chiming it to say if you go with red shoes, please don't wear black tights. I always think that looks weird. Also, it kind of depends if you're trying to dress this up or down... If down, I don't know if you'd want to go with a big heel. If up, the highest, skinniest heels you can find!

stella g. said...

wow - i've never had such a response w/in 24 hours of posting! either you guys really like dressing me up, or you've been waiting eagerly for my next post.... we'll pretend it's the second.


i couldn't resist adding to all of your good advice with my own two cents. i'll start with:

- though i love the idea of red (favorite color!) and sexy, i'll be meeting the brigade and battalion commanders that night. so i might have to tone it down.

- i LOVE the idea of boots, who doesn't?, but with a shorter dress i'm afraid "hooker" would be the words on everyone's lips. (again, reference to julia roberts, pretty woman)

- i hadn't thought of the patterned tights. shame on me. though immediately i pictured fishnets which, well, refer to previous bullet.

- ktoth, i'm ashamed to admit that i have the same exact amazing red shoes you speak of. you wore them to bible study once and i fell in love. then, the next week when i saw them at the px and on sale, i couldn't resist. i just made sure not to wear them around you. can you believe i'm that lame? btw, they're in storage so i can't get to them, sadly. they ARE my christmas shoes afterall.

- crafty, can i borrow your furr boots? not necessarily for the party, just clubbin' in downtown el paso. you know.

- rebecca, you're homework next week is to WEAR RED. it IS christmas, for goodness sake!

- megs, i appreciate your honestly. even though i love the though of red, i'm inclined to keep it monochromatic. just seems appropriate, given i'll be meeting jim's bosses.

- bob, i'm not quite sure what to say. though i have seen Judy with some BIG hair. i'd love to see YOUR pictures. and, yes. my mom is that cool. :)

- erin, i agree with the wierdness of the black with the colored shoe. i never quite got that trend. but, i will mention that if YOU had this dress, you'd be fierce because you'd be afraid of nothing and would wear those sky-high heels!

all - thanks for the input. did i fail to mention that jim isn't even sure we're going to the party? he's trying to get out of it. i might show him your comments so that he 1)decides we should go so he can see me get all sexy-d up, 2)realize how many of you he'd disappoint if i didn't have pictures to show.

thanks! i knew you wouldn't let me down!

Crafty P said...

on second thought....
1)silver is way cooler than red. metals are sooooo IN!
2)J-dawg needs to take you out and even if you don't go to this shindig, well then, he better take you out just for all of US!
3)take a picture with your brandy new camera
4)I can't believe Happy wouldn't or doesn't wear read!
5)boots are always sexy and a lot of times do say "hooker", but I love them and they make feel/look taller and that's always a good thing
6)you can certainly borrow my apple bottom jeans and boots with the furrrrrr