Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend notes: party time

I'm afraid you are all about to be very disappointed. As it turns out, "holiday casual" means jeans. It was confirmed by the host. So no little black dress for me. No patent leather sky high red heals. No patterned stockings.

But in the end it may have been worth it. For this priceless conversation happened on Friday morning between my mother and me:
phone rings

K: Hey, mom, what's up?

M: I was wondering if you got the dress?

K: Oh, yeah, about that. Sadly we'll be wearing jeans. The Brigade Commander's wife (host) said it was very casual. I know, huge disappointment. I'm going to Banana Republic this afternoon to find a good holiday sweater.

M: Maybe you should get a pair of those jeans with the apples on the bottom.

Oh. Dear. Mother. You may be cool, but you're not very hip.

If you're lost and know not what I speak of, check out Crafty P's and Rebecca's comments here. You can order your own Apple Bottom Jeans here. The one's above are the Debbie Apple Pocket Skinny Jean at a reasonable $69.00. Very festive, don't you think?

I did run to the BR outlet, my favorite one-stop shop. I grabbed a cute short sleeve number there and some heels from Dillards. I looked very put-together in my jeans and holiday-wear. Sadly Jim and I took the holiday look quite literally, he in a red button-down, and me in my green sweater. We looked like that couple. What was I thinking?
Oh, and I should mention that the party was fun, complete with a tasty chili cook-off. (Lots of standing, so I sat on the couch and watched football when my feet started hurting. Darn heels.) We rubbed proper boss-elbows, laughed with friends, and ate and ate. One of the funner office parties I've been to, actually.

Yes, funner is a word.

And frankly none of you caught it because you're still trying to figure out how you'd even get into those jeans above. Or should I say spandex? That is one confident woman.


LifeAtTheCircus said...

Is that your tree behind you or are you posing at the party?

I must confess I too didn't know what apple bottom jeans were, though I did assume they were a brand of jeans and I never pictured apples on the bottoms. Thought I never pictured something quite so bootilicious either. I don't imagine I'd EVER have the self confidence to pull that look off!

Mom- the Cool said...

Ok, I will stick with being "COOL" and leave "HIP" for the Apple Bottom Jean crowd. It has been decades since I could pull off those jeans. Ok, if you must know I could never pull off those jeans. I never had that much "Cool Hip" in me.

Mom said...


I love the Photo of the two of you 8-)

Rach said...

confident woman? I think it's obviously clear since her face is not in the picture don't you? uh-huh. Precisely. No one would be caught DEAD in those jeans. Not even this chick.

Crafty P said...


and embarrassed b/c I had NO IDEA those were the pants I was JOKING about! HA! oh my goodness.

Hey, Karen's Mom- I'm kinda outta touch with you. And please know that I could never fit by new bottom (new as in, it's grown in the past months) in jeans like that!

Karen- LOVE the sweater. I need to get myself into BR outlet... it's so close to me now!

Rebecca said...


Well. Almost. Except for the red part. Mine are another color. :) your outfit and what a cute picture of you and Jim! (I say his name now like I know you guys...that kills me.) It would be the perfect picture to put in a Christmas card if Roxy had been pictured with you two.

Glad you have fun at the party...and that you rubbed all the right elbows.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for a new Karen story. Karen blog withdrawl is hard to take. Don't forget the stocking pics...only 9 more days of
w a i t i n g. Love you. D

Muthering Heights said...

LOLOLOLOLOL, I'm dying over you mom and the apple bottom jeans - at least there was no mention of boots with fur. I totally can't even picture her talking about them! LOLOLOLOL!!!!

I think you guys looked cute at the party - festive, but not "holiday sweater" festive. :)

Erin said...

need to see the shoes. love shoes!!!

Kevin and Amy said...

Oh my gosh, you totally caught me. I was absolutely drawn in by that woman and her "painted on jeans." I think I'll stick with my pajamas, thank you very much.

Now...didn't you JUST move to Texas? Do you seriously have a tree up and everything? Who ARE you, Stella?!?! How do you do what you do?

And finally...if looking like "that" couple is a wrong thing, I don't want to be right. You and Jim look PERFECT. You compliment each other very nicely and the festive level is just right.


boqpod said...


Jim looks H-O-T!


(Isn't he wearing Levi's?? A nice Tenifer-carbonnitriding 9mm Glock on the belt would've finished that outfit off nicely!)

Seriously--I'm glad he's on our side!

erin w. said...

Chris and I went to the Nutcracker tonight and the lead guy Balerina (the nutcracker when he becomes a prince) was wearing some pants he must have bought from the apple bottom store.

And, YES, I immediately thought "apple bottoms" when I first saw his pants.