Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tanks to the rescue

So I have to share with you some friends of mine. My maternity tank tops from Target.

I've actually been wearing them for years. A non-prego friend of mine always wore them and I marvelled at how she found tank tops that didn't ride up on her and show her tummy. Of course, if they had, she didn't have a tummy to be ashamed of. But she wasn't really the type.

Well, she let me in on her secret - buy maternity. They're always long enough and never shrink too tight. So out I went to my favorite Target and snapped up the first two I saw. And since I'm one to layer EVERYTHING, I always had that perfect amount of tank showing below sweaters, tees, you name it.

What I DIDN'T know, is what a lifesaver they've become now that I am pregnant. (And getting rounder.)

I'm to the point where the jeans rarely get buttoned anymore and a rubberband has extended my pants on more than one occasion. And since it can be an awkward thing for a half-open zipper to show all the time, my long tank tops have come to the rescue. They pull down just right and keep everything under wraps.

So if you're willing to spend the best $9.99 of your life, run to that bullseye store. I have tanks in cranberry, mint and I recently added the ever-practical white.

They're lifesavers, I'm telling you.


Muthering Heights said...

I agree...I would be LOST completely without my maternity tanks!!

I'm also going around with my pants undone. It feels kind of awkward. But I'm lucky in that my friend is allowing me to use her Bella Band, which is made for this type of situation. It hides your half-unzipped fly. I recommend getting one if you can!

Rebecca said...

Yes, I also agree that those tanks are terrific...I got them at both Target and Old Navy.

I hearted maternity clothes. I bought way too many...especially with my summer pregnancy...I couldn't get enough of those sun dresses and capri pants. I still wear my maternity/nursing pajama's...Derek laughs because of the nursing slots...two babies later and he's still as immature as ever about some boobage....

Did I really just say "boobage?" I did. I think that's a sign I gotta end this.

But not without saying that I saw a Stella Drive today when I was house hunting (and the school where Crafty P used to teach at) and smiled thinking good blog vibes were all around me. I took it as a sign. Derek did too, a sign that I'm crazy.

Be happy Stella G! So, what are you guys thinking as far as nursery themes/names/and all that fun stuff goes?????

Crafty P said...

Love the maternity tanks!

But, to extend the wear of your jeans a bit longer... may I recommend the bella band. Oh did i love my bella band, in fact, I could probably get away with still using it seeing as I still have baby belly minus bun in the oven.

I think they even have lace along the bottom of them now, too.

A layering girl's dream come true! Check 'em out stella!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

I have to say that I was the best dressed when I was preggo. And only because I was borrowing other people's clothes. I tell you I had more clothes and more cute clothes in my closet when I was preggo than any other time. Kinda makes me wanna have another baby. :-)
It was you that tuned me into the little secret about those tank tops last Christmas. And I love my target maternity tanks. Congrats to you that now you get to use them for what they are designed for. Very exciting!!

erin w. said...

I'll have to check them out, I hate my tanks riding up. I can't wait to see some pics of the baby belly. Are you going to find out what it is?

Angela said...

Diddo on the maternity tanks. I didn't discover them untill my first pregnancy and I am still wearing them.