Friday, January 30, 2009

week in review: firsts

I had myself a pretty good week. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened. Except that my life here is now if full swing. Now that Jim has taken command, I get to volunteer as the primary Family Readiness Group (FRG) leader. So that will feel at times like a part-time job. I am also starting to show (I didn't think so), and with that have come a few unwelcome comments. I tried on my first maternity clothes. Not an overly positive experience, actually. And I finished a book this week - the first book I've finished in who knows when.

Observations from the week:

  • I am now officially into my 2nd trimester and haven't found it as relieving as I'd hoped.
  • I puked on Wednesday.
  • I had a friend compliment my "cute baby tummy". Funny thing, though; I didn't take it as a compliment. New rule: if I'm not wearing maternity clothes, all sentances that include cute and tummy translates in my head as fat.
  • But I did go to Ross and try on some of those sexy blue-panel-at-the-top jeans. I took them off as quickly as I got them on. They felt weird.
  • So I pulled out the rubber-band for my current jeans. Which has been a great save.
  • And after my last post, I'm surely going to be checking out these things called Bella Bands.
  • But I'm also interested in any suggestions for maternity jeans. I LIVE in jeans and will be happy to drop some cash on them. Any ideas?
  • I almost passed out on Monday. Because my sense of smell is so keen, I always hold my breath when opening the fridge or garbage. On Monday I was doing both at the same time and didn't suck in enough air. So I got a little light-headed and the trash almost didn't make it into the can.
  • I received a lovely care-package from a friend that included the entire Jane Austin series. I have since read Persuasions cover to cover and yesterday I began Mansfield Park.
  • Last night I think I dreamt in Old English.
  • And have recently used the words "perchance" and some other one that made Jim look at me funny.
  • He also made fun of me because I have to make a cheat sheet whenever I read books. It includes a list of characters and identifying points about each one. Otherwise I get confused.
  • This is why I don't read very often.
  • It's now the end of January and with this ever-filling life of mine, I need to find myself a good calendar for my purse. I've picked out this one and plan to order it promptly. Gosh, I love Etsy.

Have a great weekend, all. Ours is packed. See you Monday.


Momma B. said...

OOOOooo. Cool planner. I spent two bucks on mine at Wal-Mart. Yours is way cooler. Good luck with the pants thing...I HAD to ear the blue flap up to your chest pants cuz I am so short and my belly was SO big the others always fell..My sister liked Old Navy maternity. Happy Searching!

Megan said...

I love that you have a cheat sheet when you read- you are so funny! Here is a link to Old Navy maternity jeans. I found my favs there - similar to the two in the roll panel category. I never liked the full panel jeans.

Charlotte said...

I am right there with you in the hunt for good jeans. I love, love, love Bella Bands. My best advice is to use them as long as possible on your current favorite jeans. I can't find any maternity jeans that fit me quite as good as my old faithfuls, but I am getting too big for tricks like rubber bands and Bellas. Almost all my clothes are from Gap or Target, but I don't like either for maternity jeans, so I am still on the search. Right now I am wearing a few things from Motherhood Maternity, they have good stuff for shorter preggos. But the jeans are made with room for everything to expand and right now all I have is a huge belly, so they are a bit droopy on buttless me. I love the full panel style, because they stay up... but I think it totally varies depending on how you carry. Hmmm... I guess I've been no help at all... Good luck!

Susan said...

Get yourself a good pair of roll top maternity jeans from the Gap. Do not be fooled into thinking that the ones from Old Navy look just like them and therefore are just as good! You'll spend your entire pregnancy hiking them back up over your cute tummy. Seriously, it's worth your money to have one really good, comfy pair, and then buy some less expensive ones to round out your wardrobe.

KToth said...

Okay, so after like 12 pairs from all places, I found the perfect pair. They are Seven for all Mankind. I bought them on eBay for $50 and I wore them almost every other day. Be a stalker on eBay, and use Be patient, it works. :)

Muthering Heights said...

I love reading Austen - although I occasionally speak that way, so it all sounds fairly normal to me..."perchance" is thrown around here almost as much as "posthaste!" :)

This is baby #3 for me, and I haven't worn maternity jeans since baby #1. So I really don't have any advice on that one. I didn't wear maternity jeans at all with baby #2; I just wore a larger size when my hips started to spread, and hiked the button down below my belly. I think I'll be more comfy this time in the Bella Bands. :)

Yeah, it's unfortunate that an early baby bump looks like a beer gut. I'm REALLY showing, but I think that is largely due to the fact that I haven't had much time to recover in between kids.

Don't feel bad about belly comments though - you want people to think you're pregnant, not fat! LOL!

Crafty P said...

well of course that planner rocks, the seller's name is dozi. I mean, c'mon, Karen, what would you expect! ha! i like the tweet cards, super cute.

i hate those first few months of 'fatness' when you're just getting used to this whole new pregnancy idea and you want to totally embrace it but then you're getting "fat" and it isn't as romantic as you once thought. I say "fat" b/c really, you're growing a whole new person in there and you just need to keep reminding yourself of that fact!

jeans. i have all types, real waist, roll panel, full panel and low rise. my thoughts are wear your favorite non-maternity jeans as long as possible b/c you LOVE them. the bella band will make this happen. I still can't believe how long I wore some of my jeans while pregnant WITH TWINS. seriously, check it out...

that said, the low rise were great in the beginning but towards the end, I was thankful for support in the full panel. I hated the thought of the full panel (made me think of granny p****ies- I can't say that word), but they did serve a purpose.

okay, I just read what Charlotte said and now you will be going to find yourself a bella band, or two. That makes two of us who just said the SAME THING! WOW, that is soooo weird.

ps, just wait till you need to talk about bras! oh that is a fun subject that I could go on and on and on about!

Rebecca said...

As usual I have much to say...

1. Love the planner. So chic.
2. I can't believe Crafty even eluded to the word p-nties. It's on her list of abhorred words, you know...I learned this the hard way.
3. I almost had a tragic experience just today in the library right in front of some Jane Austen experience I'm not even sure I can blog about it is so tragically embarrassing.
4. And, it's probably not the first thing that came to your mind.
5. Hearing that Jim is the new captain of his unit and you are the new FRG leader, I can't help but start to think of you as Claudia Joy from Army Wives, a show I'm sure you've seen a time or two, but think, "That is not what Army life is about..." I watch it, but I realize it is probably not "official" in the sense that it dramatizes and romanticizes the Army life. I certainly think you guys are both doing such a service to our country. But I like the show anyways. :)
6. If you have the dough go for the Gap maternity jeans. If not, Old Navy is a great runner up. I did the Old Navy myself and yes, there was some hiking up of the pants, but it was bearable. I also agree with Crafty and someone else who said something about the panels vs. no panels vs. roll's really a matter of preference. And I wholeheartedly agree that it's too early to try on maternity jeans...wear your reg. ones as long as possible. Get the Bella Band.
7. Be careful buying too many pairs of're in Texas and will be very pregnant when that sun becomes a scorcher. Pregnant Girl will not be loving her denim jeans then. Pregnant Stella will need to get some capri's and sundresses.
8. Maternity tops, however, will look adorable and flowy over your jeans...and they should hide the button being open...etc...etc..

9. I'm sure you look adorably cute pregnant in whatever you are wearing.

10. I just felt like I couldn't end at nine, so here is where I say something really profound about the joys of pregnancy...good things are right around the bend of the 2nd trimester...I promise!

Anonymous said...

I've heard investing in a pair or two of Gap Maternity jeans are worth the cash...

Julie said...

yes, i do read your blog and am finally going to write something, even though i myself, have to blog...
first, i had an AMAZING pair of maternity jeans and at the moment can't think of the name brand, but i got them at nordstrom's...if i can find the box of maternity clothes, i will look. they were the only pair i wore and they have had that worn in look.
second, i started a book club, and Mansfield Park is on the list for the i am more inspired. plus, i just watched Becoming Jane-have you seen it?
third, i agree with are going to be HOT this summer-both looking and feeling, so i wouldn't invest too much in jeans. lots of cute dresses! and if you have any kind of feet swelling issues (remember my feet?), get yourself some good Reefs!
that's all for now...we miss you!

Julie Binnie said...

I like everyone's comments on jeans--and the one about it being hot in TX makes a good point--sundresses will be much more comfortable for the latter part (I almost typed larger part, oops) of your pregnancy. It also depends on how you carry the baby; I couldn't stand any pressure on my belly, so the full panel was better for me than the half panel or even rubber bands after a while. I had Old Navy ones I liked, but yes they did slide down a bit. Then again I'm one of those short-so-the-baby-sticks-straight-out pregnant types ; )

LifeAtTheCircus said...

I feel so ill equipped to offer any clothing advice to you. My fav jeans were the kind with the elastic waist. I never did the full panel, I just couldn't get them to line up right or what not. Mine were from wal-mart and I loved them. I will let you try them out when you are back east in March. If you like them, you can take them home with you. I wore the elastic waist jeans for a long time with my last two and then I did the cotton elastic pants towards the end. I also wore the elastic jeans in the hospital and it made me feel so much better than wearing maternity looking clothes. I agree on the sundress suggestions for Texas in the summer. And boy are you going to look cute!

Yes, the tummy questions get annoying. I remember when I told my students I was preggo with my first, I was about 9 weeks and they all started widening the aisles in the classroom so I could fit. As if I was suddenly THAT big..My LEAST fav was when people would want to touch my belly. Scott or the kids fine... random lady from church who I don't know... awkward.

boqpod said...

Would James, perchance, be interested in fencing, angling, pugilist sparring or, perchance, watching Pride and Prejudice when you break your journey here next Michaelmas??

Oh do pray tell!

(Mrs P however believes Albuquerque will provide ample delights of the season for us all!)

ps - I keep track of Russian names & their diminutives on an index card whenever I read Russian novels - since I haven't read any yet I haven't done that but if I did that's what I'd do :)

Amanda said...

Karen, the best pair of jeans I have found are at motherhood, with the "hidden panel tummy". They are awesome. Have some stretch, don't fall down. I note the falling down part because, I liked my Old Navy jeans until I got a bit bigger, now they don't stay up, etc etc. Motherhood. Its where its at. I am telling you.