Monday, February 2, 2009

weeknotes: it was a full one!

First, I want to thank you all for the maternity jeans advice. I'm so used to living in jeans, it never dawned on me that it might be too hot for them this summer. But given that today it was 60, I should plan for such an event!

Now on to the weekend - and it was a good one. I know because, this morning I woke up tired.

Saturday morning my neighbor-friend Janee was having a yard sale so I brought over the one Christmas present neither Jim nor I wanted and made a very fair $3. But the fun was in the friends, and the braving the cold (it's was in the 30s), and the homemade Belgium waffles. They were so good - with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream and everything. The boys all slept in but eventually made it over for the waffles. Boys and food.

The rest of the day I laid in bed (wasn't feeling too good) and read more of my Jane Austin, and I think I even got a short nap.

Then I had to get all dolled up for "girls' night". The yardsale crew (Janee, Liz, myself and Holly, above) all headed to The Clayground for a chocolate and wine evening while we painted our own pottery. I, of course, can't drink so I mentioned my with-child state and asked if they had anything else. Apparently they hadn't thought of that, or the need for designated drivers, so they looked at me funny and offered me water or a juice box. So fruit punch it was!

The boys were having their own night at the Ebel's with a prolonged Rock Band jam session. We later crashed their party, and if you ask me, made it alot more fun. I happen to be a big fan of the guitar, but have recently discovered my mad drum skills. Somehow the evening got louder as we went on and I had to drag Jim from the microphone at 1am.

Then, of course, church on Sunday. We've been trying new ones. And luckily this was one of those fancy mega-churches with a cafe in the front. Lucky because halfway through the service my stomach discovered it was STARVING. So I went out and got myself a 50 cent apple. I was pretty impressed with myself considering I really wanted the poptart, and a mocha frappachino. So I got full on my apple, and a half hour later was starving again. What is that baby doing to me?

It was decided upon that we should all go to Olive Garden for lunch and even though my stomach was growling as we waited the 10 minutes to be seated, after one bowl of Zuppa Toscana, I was stuffed. Again I ask, what is up?? No worries, just to make sure I was full, I had two more bowls. So good!

And then.... the best part of the weekend.... THE GAME!!!!

And what a game it was! We were invited to a party where you, you know, socialize while you watch. I did my best, but I was pretty glued to my comfy sofa seat as I turned my back to the crowd and watched with joy, then disbelief (Was that really a 100 yard return for a touchdown by #92 who almost died at the 50 yard line? Poor guy - I was glad they gave him some oxygen after that run), then assurance at halftime that we had this game in our hands, then fear as those silly Cardnals tried to push past us, than terror when they did, then awe when with seconds left Roethlisberger did that thing he does where he throws amazing passes into the end zone. Man, what a game. Of course, in my condition I'm supposed to keep myself out of stressful situations. But sometimes you just have can't.

I don't have any Steelers garb, or even a Terrible Towel, so this was my decoration for the evening. It's subtle, I know, but nobody had to ask me who I was rooting for. And during the game I wasn't wearing the green sweater, I promise. it was black and gold all the way.

Good game, man. Good game.


LifeAtTheCircus said...

Look at how cute you are in that Gold do... I wish you could have been here with us, but def enjoyed the pre, mid, and post game chats!

And I love the juice box on your big girls night are def a Mommy!!

Muthering Heights said...

It sounds like a great weekend! I can totally picture you rocking out on the drums...and you baby tapping along with the beat! :)

Crafty P said...

love it. and what a good juice box to be had! apple and eve is a good brand my dear!

so, you left out the part where you show us your CRAFTINESS and we see what you made.

cute hair ribbon! I wore black socks (see blog or details).

greg. said... need a terrible towel. seriously. or we can't be friends any longer.

Kerri Smith said...

you only have to wait 10 minutes to get into the Olive Garden. man, that must be a small town!