Thursday, January 22, 2009

weekend notes: steelers and in-laws

** Update: I'm finally adding the photos. Enjoy! **

So I must apologize for two reasons. 1) I'm just now posting about the weekend and it's Thursday. 2) Of the kazillions of pictures from the weekend, I only have one to show you. The rest are on my MIL's camera and we don't have a way to get them off. I hope to add them later.

So anyways. Our weekend started early because Friday Jim had the day off. And, if you could tell from my last post, we spent much of it in bed eating and watching TV. I had planned to clean the house, but I'm a really great procrastinator. That night we had a game night at some friends' house and partied until late. We'd never played Partini before. It's a clever game, kinda like Cranium. And sadly, the guys won.

Saturday was a more efficient day because I HAD to clean the house. And I grumbled the entire time. Gosh, I really don't like cleaning. I even made Jim promise that we'd hire a maid service to clean the house when we turn it back over to it's owners. I think it'll be an early birthday gift. Like way early.

That afternoon Jim's parents flew in to visit for the week. We showed them around Jim's work and ate out at Rudy's, a BBQ place where you don't use plates. Or silverware really. It's quite the place for any neanderthal. I had a small bag of Doritos. I wasn't feeling meat.

Sunday was a FUN day. It started with church and some girl I don't even know telling me why she was convinced the Ravens were going to win. And then the bag boy at the commissary said the same thing. People. I wish I could talk to them now.

So, The Game. We were in a little bit of a predicament since the only tv in the house that gets reception was in the master bedroom. If you could picture this with me: Rick, Caroline, Jim, Karen and Roxy all laying on a bed together watching the game. That wasn't really going to work, on so many levels. So instead we headed to BJ's Microbrew where I knew they had a big screen and beer.

(Now I should mention that Jim and I live in a strange universe where the wife cares about football and the husband doesn't. Last year I recall watching the Superbowl by myself while Jim closed himself off in his office all night.) So, to get him to care about this game, I had to take him to a place where they sold good beer. BJ's worked out just fine. We got a great seat right in front of their big screen and cheered with our waiter who even sported his own Terrible Towel. And what a great game it was.

Except that we had to leave at half-time. We had a Bible-study to go to. Bad timing, really. But it was a good study and well worth going. It was great, too, to receive the phonecall from my bro and SIL confirming the win - straight from the Steelers' stadium! All in all, a great day.

Monday was full as well. We took Jim's parents up to Old Mesilla in NM for a jaunt around the old west town of Billy the Kid. We had an amazing lunch of the best tacos I've had since we moved out here at La Posta - the original stagecoach post office used by the Pony Express. We even got homemade sopapillas for dessert that, when drizzled with honey, are phenominal!

(ok, so this has to be the least attractive picture of me I've ever seen. But I had to show you the coveted sopapilla. So there it is.)

On the way home we stopped by Stahmanns pecan grove. Who knew the west was known for it's pecans? We got our fill of pecans in coffee, pecans in chocolate, pecans in pie, and pecans in ice cream. See, multiple desserts in one day - I told you it was a good weekend.

And since we still had more time we stopped in the mountains for a quick hike around a mountain. Nothing too strenuous, but the weather was beautiful and the view was too good to pass up.
I can't remember what we did Monday night but I think it involved a movie and going to bed early. I was tired. Heck, I'm always tired.

And if you were keeping track, you'll notice that we ate out every day. Too. Much. Food. Even if it's sandwiches, we're eating in the rest of the week!


LifeAtTheCircus said...

Decided against watching on the bed, did ya? I can't say I blame you, though I was really looking forward to that pic! HA, HA!!

So, you better be taking notes on all these cool places, b/c I know that the baby can make your memory go bad and I def want to go to that taco place AND the pecan place when we come to visit. :-)

Holly Jendrey said...

Karen, I am so glad that you had a great Bible study, but you missed a great second half. I had no idea you were an NFL fan, much less pulling for the Steelers. Aren't you from Maryland?

Crafty P said...

what are you going to do for the superbowl? Oh my goodness, will Jim even care to watch b/c of the commercials?

I read this whole thing and that's all I can think about it is what will you do in 10 days for the big game.

Muthering Heights said...

Eating out everyday sounds like fun!

Erin said...

Is the meat aversion frequent? I couldn't eat any red meat all throughout N'.s pregnancy. It just grossed me out... then with C. i was a ravenous carnevoire... go figure. i think i misspelled those words, too...

Angela said...

Karen, Dan was so thrilled with the Steeler win (his #2 team to the Giants). I LOVE Pecans and am very intrigued by the Pecan coffee, two of my faves at once!
Btw I diddo what Crystal said about the forgetful "mommy brain." It only gets worse after the baby comes, they have a medical term for it - "momnesia". Not kidding.
Love ya

greg. said...

i would like to say two things, really.

first, i really love your writing style, karen. its fun to read.

second, GO STEELERS!!!!!

Megan said...

I was all into starchy comfort food with Ella and meat with Catherine. With Catherine I just craved ribs, burgers etc. SO the rib place you went would have been a dream come true (still, b/c I will always love ribs, just don't crave them as much).

I hope you can find some Steeler's fan (or at least football fans) to watch the Super Bowl with!

Rach said...

I sure am glad the baby secret is out since that seems to be why you weren't posting these past few months!! :D

Rebecca said...

well, i'm a little late getting to this post and i have zero focus lately which means that even though i read the entire post and it was brilliant and clever and funny....I don't remember what I just read....

so. that being said, yes i think momnesia is totallly true from pregnancy on. i'm hoping to use it as my reason for forgetting things until the kids are in college.

and. i need to know about this settler's game. i thought for sure that if you commented on my game post you would mention settlers. is settlers appropriate for Family Game Night?

hope you find a good way to watch the big game in a few days!