Friday, January 16, 2009

week in review: the life of a prego

This week life has gotten wonderfully busy. I wouldn't say Jim and I have found our El Paso routine yet, but we are finding a niche. The week was full of doctor's appointments, meetings, crafting, Bible studies and luncheons. It's nice to have a calendar that fills up. I will soon regret typing that.

Observations from the week:
  • Stealing free wi-fi from the coffee shop has cost me 4 bagels, one bottle of water and a iced tall decaf vanilla latte this week.
  • The baby loves bagels. Toasted with butter, please.
  • And Egg McMuffins. Today at 10:15 I wondered if I hurried would I be able to get to Micky D's before they switched to lunch?
  • My handy GPS told me there is a McDonald's within 7 minutes of our house. Saved!
  • Sleeping is wonderful when you're pregnant.
  • Except that tossing and turning to find a comfortable position ruins wonderful sleeping.
  • Last night that wasn't a problem as I slept 11 hours.
  • I got out of bed at 10:15.
  • They say that sleeping on your left side is best for the baby. However my left arm falls asleep every night and suggests otherwise.
  • Jim has today off and it's been fun.
  • I took up a new craft this week - framing! Pictures will follow eventually.
  • We've recently discovered the sit-com Rules of Engagement via Netfix and are officially hooked.
  • Jim's parents come for a visit tomorrow and I haven't cleaned the house in many weeks.
  • Now that I'm pregnant, we eat out more.
  • My girlfriends from college are plotting to all get together in March and I CAN'T WAIT to be back on the east coast and see them.
  • It's been in the 60s all week in El Paso.
  • When I was filling in a date this week, I wrote 2008 by mistake. Man.
  • When I listen to my iPod while surfing the net I tend to bop my head.
  • My pants are getting tight.
Have a great weekend, all. See you on the other side!


Anonymous said...

we love netflix. and, i'm so delightfully jealous of you. you guys are going to have a wicked awesome kid.

Rebecca said...

These weekly updates should henceforth be pregnancy related...because is there anything else more exciting and important right now?

I was just telling Muthering Heights that pregnancy is such freaking great blog fodder...I may have said I need to get me some of that. And by that, I mean blog fodder...not least for right now.

Oh, the great sleeping during pregnancy debate...left side vs. right side. I think you will find as you grow that you will sleep whichever way you will find that actually results in sleep. lots of pillows and position them all around work nicely between your legs when sleeping on your side. I think they actually have a funky pillow just for prego women, but it might be a tad expensive.

About the tight pants....I personally cannot wait to see pictures of your maternity wardrobe...I'm sure it will be cute and stylish! I kind of actually enjoyed maternity clothes.

No more weather's two below here and I don't want to know when it's a balmy 60 degrees somewhere else...unless you want a total stranger at your El Paso doorstep...

But I'd bring you an Egg McMuffin to win you over!

Sorry for the overly verbose comment...gosh I'm a freaky stalker.

Muthering Heights said...

It appears that we have many similarities in our current stage of pregnancy! I would KILL for an Egg McMuffin right now, but I'm always too sick to get one (and hold it down) before they stop serving them...and home made ones are just not the same. :(

LifeAtTheCircus said...

I found each baby had a diff fav food... my son was quarter pounders w/ cheese, my oldest daughter bagels with cc, and my baby girl chicken salad sandwiches. :-) seems like little grubelet shares similar tastes with 2 of his/her cousins. :-)

i echo rebecca's comments... you will look SO cute in your maternity clothes.

yea for the east coast trip, i am so happy you'll be flying in and out of BWI b/c I DEF need a Karen fix!!!

Angela said...

Fun blog entry! I echo "Rebecca" about sleeping whichever way is comfortable and buying ALOT pillows. Dan still refers to the pregnancy pillows as "the fortress", seems it was hard to find me. As the belly grows, you may start noticing the need to sleep on the left.

Susie said...

Just SO excited for you two - keep the updates coming.

Crafty P said...

how did I miss this post? feeling ashamed!

okay, we LOVE rules of engagement. patrick warburton is the coolest man ever. I've even found myself watching kid's cartoons where he does voice overs. seriously.

also, you need a boppy 24/7. it's the bestest pregnancy (and beyond) pillow ever. You will only need ONE (so the pillows will not multiply like bunnies every night, been there and done that). I still sleep with mine and I so hope that as I type this these are still being made and available. Cause they rock the free world. and we need our sleep as much as we can get it. I'm jealous of your sleep. but get it while you can b/c it's over for the rest of your life once grublet comes. sorry. harsh, i know, but it just is.