Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4 months and the bella band

So I've been a little alarmed at my tummy's growth over the last week. This was taken Saturday at exactly month 4. The day before I didn't look pregnant, I promise.

And can you see my Bella Band in color "Pepper"? (I also ordered the black with lace.) It's serving it's purpose perfectly as none of you, I'm sure, can tell that my jeans aren't buttoned. With these lovely things I can pull another month or two out of these pre-prego jeans. Which is good since I wear them almost every day. They're the best $25 I ever gave Old Navy.

And my praise for Bella Band would probably be endless... if I'd bought mine one size bigger.

This is their sizing chart which I found confusing. I'm exactly between a size 1 and 2. This is their advice:
If you want a snug fit, go with the smaller of the two sizes you are considering. If the idea of something snug is unappealing, but you still need to hold up your pants, try the larger size.
Do I want snug or do I want larger? Who knows? I've never been pregnant before. So I guessed, but I think I guessed wrong.

The band tends to sneak up my waist during the day so I'm constantly pulling it down. Especially when I sit or bend over. But then again, what do you expect when you're wearing pants that don't fit? I suppose it's not going to feel perfect.

I ordered two bands, Pepper (above) and a black one with lace. My one thought, if I was to do it again - buy all bands with lace at the bottom. Because the top of the band is still lace. So you get the best of both worlds. (Of course, only the cute colors come in regular.)

And, interestingly enough, the day after I ordered my $26 bands online, I noticed Target has some that are only $15. Their colors are boring, but cheap sometimes is.

So that's my take. Overall, the Bella Band is a great idea. I've been wearing them almost every day since I got them. Just make sure you order the right size. Whatever that is.


Crafty P said...

I remember making adjustments a lot, but it was worth the sacrifice for wearing my jeans so much LONGER than I would have ever expected! so i agree with that.

I can't recall the size issue. oh I know why, I bought mine in a store and tried it on! yup, that was it. I think I went with the smaller size.

pepper is so fun. i did white b/c i'm boring sometimes. I will totally buy lace the next time... whenever that may be.

Crafty P said...

ps. you are so cute with your baby bump!!!!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

So I just showed the computer to Scott and said, "There's your sister's belly." He got the cutest smile on his face and said, "that's my sister... AWESOME!" :-)

conversations like this can only take place when one is preggo. :-)

erin w. said...

I wish I had used the bella band, it looks super cute, as do you! Very exciting. Are you finding out the sex of baby grube?

Rebecca said...

I never had the Bella band so I know nothing of which you speak. But I do know that your little baby bump is so cute!

mrsbuckett said...

cute cute baby bump! :)

Mom said...

That picture made me all warm and fuzzy.
Miss you,

Did I mention -
My baby is having a baby!

Erin said...

i had my mouse poised over "purchase" for quite some time before opting out of buying the bella band. i, too, was going to get the smaller size. Pending any "accidents," i don't intend to need them in the future, but good to know!
You and your cute little belly are adorable! i remember having very sudden "growth" with my first as well. with the second, you look like that about 2 days after conceiving! :)

Muthering Heights said...

Ok, you have an extremely small bump. People are already asking my if I'm due soon!

ConnorFam3 said...

I have a bella band that is too big on me that someone gave me a when I was pregnant with Noah. It just isnt working at all for me this time. If you want me to send it to you I can, just shoot me your address and its brown. Congrats being 4 months, being pregnant is so exciting and we are due like the exact time. Are you planning on finding out the sex? I hope all is well.
Take Care,

KToth said...

You know how you look at month 4? Um, yeah, that's how I look at week 9. Take heart, Karen, in knowing that you're smaller than me, and probably will be for a long time. I always like to know of one person that I'm smaller than, especially when my waist keeps expanding.

melodyofamom said...

I need one of these BADLY!