Tuesday, February 17, 2009

catching up...

Ever feel that just turning on the computer and hitting that Firefox icon is like admitting you have homework? There's a blog to post, Facebook to catch up with, three email accounts to sort through... it's no wonder I've been avoiding it all.

And that's my excuse. That's why I haven't existed since my last post on Tuesday. I've been ignoring my homework.

So first, to catch up, here's a list of what I've been thinking about instead of blogging:
  • It's unfortunate that Mexican food makes me want to hurl these days because I live 3 miles from Mexico.
  • I have mixed feelings about the Bella Band. A full review to follow.
  • Homemade egg Mcmuffins might just be my favorite prego treat.
  • And LifeSaver Gummies. They cost exactly $.80 at the mart down the street.
  • My stomach hurts in the morning because I always wake up hungry. No matter what I stuff it with the night before.
  • I have one of those uniquely wonderful husbands that likes to read my blog. But he recently told me that when I post about "girl clothes", he doesn't read the comments. Well.
  • My husband wants a motorcycle and our tax return might must make that happen.
  • I'm one of those crazy people that actually likes doing our taxes the old fashioned way. With pencil and the post-office's 1040 form. So I always do them myself first so I can dream up ways to spend the money. Then I go to the professionals to make sure I didn't mess up.
  • I don't, however, even attempt state taxes alone. When you're military, move twice in one year, have a job in KY, live in TN, but hold residence in VA, it's a maze of impossibleness.
  • Jim and I didn't do anything exciting for Valentine's day, which was just fine with me.
  • I've recently re-taken up the guitar. Unfortunately I sold mine at a garage sale last year. But Jim says if I sell the piano, he'll be more that happy to hear me play a new guitar all day. As long as I learn more songs. He's getting tired of the 3 I know.
  • We would have been one of the two million households that would have lost TV reception if analog signal died tonight. It kinda makes me laugh that we're that ghetto.
  • Besides that crazy snow day we had last week, I'm really starting to believe that it is sunny 360 days out of the year here in the far-west corner of TX.
  • I finished Sense and Sensibility this weekend and have since started Emma.
  • This is officially my 100th post.
Things you can expect this week as I plan to post EVERY DAY: (Don't fall over. It's a short week, with Presidents' Day and all.)
  • The promised Bella Band review. To include a much anticipated belly picture. Don't get too excited.
  • Pictures of our new house. (Yup! For reals. I got the call last Tuesday. We move in 2 weeks.)
  • A story about my husband making me throw up.
So there you have it. Thanks for still checking back here since I don't blog nearly enough as I'm supposed to. Darn homework.


LifeAtTheCircus said...

ok so if uncle jim wasn't already cool enough, this motorcycle business will surely put him over the top!

looking forward to the weekload of posts coming up!!

happy 100th girlie! Treat yourself to some lifesavers. :-)

Crafty P said...

oh no! don't be hatin' on the bella band, girl.

happy 100th post!

I have a sad little guitar just sitting in my closet and it gets NO LOVE (but I'd love to love it, but find no time for lovin').

I'm tired.

Rebecca said...

congrats on the new house!!!!

happy 100th and yay for a whole week of posts!!!!!

a motorcycle, really? will you ride on back? surely, not while with child, but after? are you a closet biker chick? do you have tatoos?

that's it with the bella band, huh...it doesn't hide your tatoos and that's why you don't fully like it...i knew you were gangsta.

so, i'm guessing when you play your guitar, Kumbaya is not one of the songs you play, but rather it's AC/DC for when you're at some bar playing for all your biker friends.

i guess it's true...sometimes you don't REALLY know the people you meet on the internet....

Shawna said...

Congrats on getting a house! On or off post? Jim..a motorcycle? I didn't see that coming but that is cool!
I guess you don't have the tattoos so you can tell people my friend Shawna got 2 just for me :) I'll share mine with you!

Love & miss you! Can't wait to see your belly :)

Erin said...

Ha~ the pregnancy mid-life crisis bike!! M. had the same thing and it was also tax return money... too funny. i had already had N. when he first suggested it and thought he was out of his mind. but 3 years later, i like it too. it's fun. we've now upgraded to a bigger, scarier bike from our 15 year old yamaha that we started out with.
i'm also so excited to read more! can't wait for the bella band review!

Kerri Smith said...

wanna do my taxes?
(that's ok, that's what i pay an accountant for.) :)
glad you're back online! keep playing guitar! get past the three month hump of sore fingers and slow chord changes and you'll be a-ok!

Momma B. said...

SO, Just because we choose not to buy a digital flat screen tv or one of those digital convertor boxes we are ghetto? Ok. I admit it we are that ghetto, too!

Can't wait to hear the story of how Jim made you throw up. I only threw up 3 times in all 4 of my pregnancies and one of those times was Dan's fault....

Mom said...

Ok, as the sister of a biker who has had a 1+ safety record - until last week. He is now battered and bruised and bike needing repairs - I hope Jim reconsiders. I suspect that will go unheeded since I am the Mom-in-law. 8-)
Love Yea!

Muthering Heights said...

Happy 100th post!!!