Thursday, April 23, 2009

belly pics and the Cloud

So this is the progression over the past few months. You'll note the burst of weight gain the last few weeks in particular. It's gotten harder to bend over and, say, tie my shoes. Which has grown my appreciation for the inventor of flip flops. I think I have 6 pairs.

I still don't have maternity pants/shorts yet. I've been making due with the rubber-band around the jeans button method. But they have started to protest (both the rubber-band and the jeans) and I think I need to go shopping soon. Ugh.

I did break down and buy some maternity shirts a few days ago. I think I'm in love. I've spent the last month feeling insanely fat as I've been stretching my shirts past any reasonable point. And I almost cried Sunday morning when I couldn't find a thing to wear that didn't make me look like a whale. By the 3rd outfit Jim wasn't scrunching his face anymore when I walked out of the closet.

So with my new shirts, I've felt.... comfortable. And, dare I say, cute?

But my true love has been The Cloud of Glory. We just call it the Cloud for short. We = Jim and Karen. And maybe even Roxy, if she could talk.

Remember when I posted about my insanely large care-package that I wasn't sure what to do with? I even mentioned that it was "like the size of another person". In case you didn't believe me, here's a better picture of it for proportion.

I recently discovered it was from my friend Robin back at Fort Campbell who was a dear one night and listened to the stories of my sleeping woes. And it wasn't two weeks later that a box arrived at my door.

But it took me a while to even suggest moving it into our bed. Eventually I grew too uncomfortable sleeping and to my surprise, the next morning Jim said it worked just fine.

And by "just fine", I think that he secretly kinda likes it. On more than one occasion I've rolled over in the night to hug the other side and noticed that somebody was already there.


Even Roxy gets in on the action when Jim leaves for PT in the morning. She dutifully hops on the bed to find the warm spot and Roxy, the Cloud and I snuggle the early morning hours away.

It's like another family member, really.

So thanks to the Cloud and some well-fitting clothes, I might make it to nine months, yet.

Tomorrow: Registering for a baby with Jim.


Erin said...

your belly is adorable! you're in the fun time when you're definitely preggo, but not yet uncomfortable...enjoy!

Momma B. said...

I wonder how I made it through 4 pregancies with out 'the cloud'? Just a little jealous here...
I CAN'T WAIT to hear about registering!!! I am laughing just imagining!

Susie said...

Way to grow!! You look so cute. What a creative support - you will only appreciate it more in the following trimester.

Mom said...

You look great!

Crafty P said...

belly=beautiful! you look fabulous.

now, as for the Cloud. Dear God in heaven up husband would have a heartache! I'm actually going to send him over here so he can thank his lucky stars for my pillow attachment- the boppy total body thingy. gosh, I love that pillow.

So, on hand, I understand your happiness with the pillow, and on the other, poor Jim!

Megan said...

I love that you and Jim are "sharing" the Cloud of Glory!
You look adorably pregnant - only 15 weeks to go!
I can't wait to hear about registering - I'm already imagining a scenario and it's cracking me up!

Muthering Heights said...

You are looking adorable! :)

Hmmm, that pillow looks pretty nice!

Christina said...

I love that pillow! I tried to look it up online but couldn't find it (might be that i'm on the UK internet here). Can you send me the link??

Rebecca said...

You are a very cute pregnant girl! Your belly is awesome!

I think it's funny how you've prolonged the maternity clothes...I've already worn some with this pregnancy! They were a wee bit big but I was so excited to dig them out!

The Cloud looks ridiculously comfortable. Crafty sent me the link for the Boppy one and I was contemplating it...however, this (crossing my fingers and my legs) should very well be my final pregnancy and so I'm thinking I might try to get through without a fancy pillow.

Check back in another few months, though to see if I stick with that, though!

Can't wait to hear about baby shopping Grube style!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

That cloud looks did I miss it? I just used 4 regular pillows and a body pillow leaving poor Scott to fend for himself with what he could find.

Angela said...

Karen, You look great, as always. Try to embrace the pregnancy clothes, you 'll be so much more comfortable. Just be thankful that we don't have to wear our mother's pregnancy clothes - yuck! Love the cloud! much better system than my "fortress" of pillows.

boqpod said...

I'm glad you explained The Cloud with perspective-granting photo complete w/sleeping woman.

At first I thought it was an inflatable bottle-opener or a White Sands sled for people...ah...suffering from hemorrhoids.

Jen said...

Awww. You put up pics of your belly. I love it! I might have to investigate that cloud next time around.