Wednesday, May 13, 2009

weekend notes: east coast blitz

From Friday to Monday, Jim and I made a super-fast trip to Maryland and Virginia for a baby shower, and to be with our moms on Mothers' Day. What a fast trip it was!

It started with a long plane ride, as many trips do. We landed in Baltimore Friday evening and were picked up by our good friends the Cranes and surprise guest Danny! We made our way to the Cheesecake Factory in Annapolis. I had some delicious pasta that hit the spot. And we all decided we couldn't leave without dessert so I filled myself to the gills with their Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake. It was SO worth the stomach ache later.

We made it to my parents house around 11 and as always, stayed up too late talking. Then up again early in the morning for some delicious breakfast at my brother's house, a.k.a. the Circus. The five in the Circus crew, Jim and myself, my parents and my grandfather chowed and then the ten of us walked my nephew to his baseball game.

He was super-cute in his outfit with his bat and his helmet. And very focused. We had a great time on a perfect Spring day cheering him on. Sadly, the game ended in tears as my nephew didn't realize we had to leave right away to get down to Virginia. But we were able to snap this family picture without duress, and it might just be one of my favorites right now.

So down to Virginia we went. Four hours in the car after a plane ride the day before seemed eternal, but we got there in time for a double baby shower with Jim's sister (she's due 3 weeks after me!). It was an open house for friends and family, so there were lots of people and catching up. And after all the clothes we opened, our boy is going to be one stylish kid!

See how bored the guys look? Don't worry, after an afternoon of baby-ness, they got their testosterone on and had their fun with cigars and beer on the porch.

We had a lovely Mothers' Day. I say "we" because everyone insisted that having a baby in your belly for 6 months entitles you to your own day. I decided I wouldn't argue and enjoyed the attention! So my first Mothers' Day consisted of Starbucks, chatting with family, and sushi! Really yummy sushi. (But not the raw fish kind, don't worry.)

Monday we enjoyed a bit more family time before heading home. Another long day on a plane, and an early night to bed. It was a whirlwind, but absolutely worth it.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that on the plane, both Jim and I saw the baby move. Yup, it was cool.


Charlotte said...

You are such an adorable preggo! That pic is great! Isn't it so fun to SEE the baby moving?

Rebecca said...

It's amazing to see the baby move for the first time...and every time thereafter, I do believe. I still can't believe how much one's stomach skin can contort and it's almost as if you will soon be able to guess which body part is sticking out. Fun times!

What a wonderful sounding weekend trip, even if it had to be a quick one. I'm sure your families were so happy to see you both!

And, it certainly counts as being a mommy when you've carried a baby for six months in your womb...hello, the first trimester alone seals the deal as far as I'm concerned.

I was totally ticked off when this baby didn't even bother sending a card...geesh!

Happy belated first Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for new blogs that surprise me when I click AGAIN on "another stella day" with my eyes closed, hoping. You are stinkin' cute and watching your belly move is the best free entertainment out there. Enjoy it for me. Miss it. And you. DR

Erin said...

OH, there is nothing like seeing the baby move. i used to lay in bed every night and just watch my belly. Enjoy!

Crafty P said...

eeks! you are so cute pregnant, Karen! I love it! what a whirlwind. you two sure do get around!

what have you been making? what did you decide about the nursery? said...

It def was a blitz, but man was it so good to see you guys! (even thought it broke your nephew's heart when you left so soon). :-)

I can't believe the next time I see you I will also see my nephew live and in person!!

Really feeling those miles between here and El Paso and wishing there weren't so many of them!

Muthering Heights said...

It sounds like such a (fun) whirlwind!

Isn't it weird to see your belly moving? LOL!

Angela said...

So glad you got to share your pregnancy with family and friends, It is such a special time. I am so homesick reading this blog, I can't tell you. Miss you guys and all the VA "crew."
So glad Jim was there to see the baby move with you!