Tuesday, July 28, 2009

39 weeks

I thought you'd like this picture since it includes a patriotic Texas star.

So Sunday night I thought I felt a few contractions. But I wasn't really sure they were contractions so I had to call a friend and ask. We confirmed that yes, they probably were and immediately I got really excited. But then I panicked as I looked around the house and decided, "We can NOT bring a baby into this world tonight. I am NOT ready!" Which is, I think, another term for nesting.

I discovered something funny about nesting. It's not so much this love of cleaning that takes over you like I'd imagined. It's more of a reaction to people seeing what a slob you are and so you better clean up and put on a good impression.

And the realization that I'm not totally packed for the hospital yet. Let's get it together, Karen. Seriously.

But my contractions were more Braxton-Hicks-ish and I haven't had any since. So in the meantime...
  • I've discovered how much I love swimming. It's the perfect thing to do on a 100 degree day here in El Paso. It's relaxing and takes the pressure off of my back. I plan to go every day until this baby comes. Hoping it'll help get him out.
  • Jim left for the field yesterday. As in, he's gone for the week. But don't worry - there are LOTS of people (I made sure of it) that are in charge of making sure he has his cell phone on him at all times. In case, you know, I call in between Lamaze breaths and need him to get to the hospital pronto.
  • We also discovered we're not quite sure the fastest route to the hospital from his field exercise. I'm hoping his GPS comes through for us.
  • Only in the Army does it not seem strange that days away from your wife's due date, you got camping with 400 of your closest Army buds.
  • I'm not concerned because I don't think this baby will come early. I have yet to dilate, and aside from that odd Sunday night cramping, I still feel normal (or as normal as 9 months pregnant can feel).
  • We almost have a name. We're still keeping it a secret, but mostly because we're still deciding between two and Jim gets to pick it when he sees the baby. So it'll be a surprise for me, too, which is kinda fun.
  • And I've purposefully not posted pictures of the nursery (which I know isn't entirely fair - I'm sorry) because, well, it's not quite done yet. I mean, it's done enough. But there's still a quilt I'd like to make and the pictures really wouldn't be complete without it. So you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. But it's turning out super-cute.
So the week ahead probably includes lots of sewing and nesting. And maybe a Grublet.



Erin said...

It sounds like you're doing well and not getting anxious. It's hard not to focus on that due date, but you could get some extra time to work on that nursery. :) I was 6 days late with N., 2 with C.
Keep us posted! You're on baby watch!

Susie said...

Keeping you in prayer daily! Take advantage of the extra days to - nap and sleep and relax :-) I So love my quilt that you made, so hoping you finish the baby's quilt in time! You look great - waiting for the arrival soon.

Kevin and Amy said...

In a word "Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!" I can't believe the time has come. Wow. It's for realsies.

Personally I'm glad to not see pictures of the nursery or have a name yet for our little Grubelet...because those are some fun surprises for us, your loyal fans. And also, if I see pictures of the nursery I may writhe in jealousy and that just gets ugly.

So I appreciate a little time to mentally prepare.

Girl, you look amazing. One gorgeous preggo, that's for sure. Little Gnut (because I figure that's what you'll name him) is going to come out saying "I knew it! I just KNEW my mom was the cutest thing ever!!!!"

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

I agree, you are adorable!! You look fantastic! How in all that heat have you managed to not swell up like a balloon. It was April in M with my first and I had so much water weight, it is freakish and sick to look back on!

Can't believe my nephew will be here soon!! That is so exciting!

Happy said...

You look so pretty! I love all the outfits you've been wearing...are they maternity or are you expermenting (well) with non-maternity clothes?

Uhm, I cannot imagine being days away from my due date and Derek not being close by. Well, I know it doesn't compare, but if I called and told him I thought it was time and he was in the middle of selling a car he would probably FINISH SELLING THE CAR before coming home.

Except for I deliver in like five minutes so I'd be holding the baby by the time he got there.

I cannot wait to hear when a little Grube has entered the world!

So exciting!

And, your take on nesting is very interesting....

Mom said...

You look radiant.

Angela said...

I agree with all the other comments - you look great! I love your dress/necklace combo-very stylish.
Don't worry about cleaning, the baby won't care. We'll be praying that little Grube waits untill Daddy is back from the field.

TheConnorClan said...

enjoy your last few moments of sleep. You look great! Can't wait to see pics of your little man!

heather said...

my son was 2 weeks late- arrived 8-17 so swimming was the ONLY thing that made me feel normal again- of course I haven't felt normal since then- um about 10 year sago! lol- enjoy!

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

i meant to leave this second comment last week... i showed the pic to the kids and your nephew's response when he saw the pic, was "why is that star there?" ummm i don't know b/c I guess it is on her house... "when did she put it there?" (b/c it wasn't up when we were there) uh... I guess after we left.... "why did she put it there?" "umm i guess she thought it looked nice" finally after a gazillion and one star questions were answered, he comments on your belly.
seriously? he has been so excited about this cousin of his.. .even raised his hand at SS during the opening exercise with all the classes to ask for prayer for his baby cousin and all he focuses on is the star? made me laugh anyway...