Monday, August 3, 2009

virtual baby shower

This weekend came and went with little fanfare. Jim came home from the field exhausted and dirty. And my due date on Saturday brought no baby. It did, however, allow me to get some last bits of stuff done in the nursery - and as I folded cute little baby clothes, I was reminded that I have yet to post about the fabulous baby shower YOU all threw for me!

So I'm feeling kinda bad about that and will remedy it immediately...

Like now.

So here's the story of the best little surprise shower a blog and a SIL could throw.

To set the scene... I collected all the wonderful boxes that had been showing up at my doorstep and gave my husband the camera. His instructions were to document "everything". Which he did - 45 pictures worth. Though apparently baby showers can be boring for guys since later I found some of those pictures were of our dog and other random corners of our living room.

I started by opening the box from my SIL since it was clearly labeled "Baby Shower in a box. Open first!!" And inside were balloons, decorations, cookies, cute little prego napkins, and of course, gifts. Sadly the box got manhandled by our postal service so not everything came in the condition intended. But that didn't stop me from tearing into it with gusto.

What follows is a montage of pictures, so please adjust your inner radio to play some appropriate background music, such as Amy Grant's "Baby, Baby" or "Baby Got Back" or maybe the more traditional "Rock-a-Bye-Baby", and enjoy the show!

From Crystal, a few very appropriate "My Daddy is My Hero" bibs, and a frog "Baby". And in the background you'd here the Plumb CD of lullabies she sent.

You might wonder at the expression on my face here. These are HOMEMADE burp clothes from our very own craft-challenged Happy/Rebecca! Did you catch that? HOMEMADE! I love all the crafty stuff I got, but these might have floored me the most. I can't wait for our kid to start spitting up.

A card from Leni and wonderful gifts from Becky in PA - including the cutest homemade duck hoodie-towel you've ever seen.

Susie sent a host of things, all thoughtfully picked out just for us. But this camo hat and bootie set just melted me. She always makes everything with love. And what you can't see is that the hat has super-cute Elmer Fudd ear flaps, too!

We might have had the most fun with Shawna's gifts. I think she intended them for our baby, but Jim was very excited to try them out.

Here is the whole thing. It was a delightful shower. I can't thank you enough for remembering your long distance friend in Texas. And some of you I haven't even met. Hopefully my next post will be introducing you to this new little boy!

6 comments: said...

Awh! I am glad you enjoyed your "shower". Thanks for posting the pics so we could see what you got!
Looking forward to seeing your little man soon!!

Crafty P said...

Gosh, I have been waiting to see all the fun stuff! what a fun idea, Crystal, you rock!

um. so feeling bad that my gift is still sitting here in my house. but great news! my opportunity to go to the post office is coming this week. I promise, that is the ONLY reason it's not in your possesion. It's just really hard to go to the P.O with 4 kids. promise.

ps. HAPPY- those are so stinkin' cute! mucho impressed indeed!
pps love all the camo, so cute!

Rach said...

hello? nursing cover?? just kidding! :) Looks great!

Lynzi said...

I am so sorry I didn't get my gift to you in time for your shower! Once the little grublet makes his appearance I will send our gift along. I prefer to wait for the baby to come to pick out a gift. I think that makes me weird... lol
I hope you are feeling as well as you look and also that you are looking forward to all the excitement ahead. We cannot wait to hear when he arrives! We love ya'll and are hearts are filled with excitement for you :)

Happy said...

I love all the camo things! How cute! Yeah, I should have known that some of your more crafty enabled friends would make you things...I'm slightly embarrassed now seeing as I'm pretty sure those burp cloths look as if they were made by someone with that impairment where their hand shakes all the time...Parkinsons?

It's a good thing they are just for spit up....

Can't wait to hear the big news of Baby Grubelets arrival! Gosh, he's taking his sweet time, isn't he?

And props to Crystal for putting together such a fun shower and for letting us internet strangers participate! How fun!!!!

Shawna said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! Looks like you both had a great time. Thanks Crystal for putting this on. What a novel idea & I loved being a part of it. Can't wait to see the little guy! Take care & you look amazing :)