Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 16

To those who are following the Sisterhood, Welcome! To those other loyal followers of my sadly neglected blog, I'm sorry if you're not into So You Think You Can Dance. And you're expecting more cute pictures of Eli. Or my still-not-finished nursery. Next time...

So, on with the Sisterhood! This is my first time recapping and I'm a bit nervous. Be kind. It's also a little last minute as I was called in as a sub. In fact, I should be honest and say that I haven't even watched the show since Vegas week. Not on purpose, though. Busy, busy, busy. I did my research and read all your recaps. However, I've decided to go into tonight giving all the dancers a fair chance. No preconcieved notions. (For the most part.) So these are my ramblings and impressions...

My first thought: Hey! New intro!

My second thought: What the heck, Cat??? Elvira? Really, I found her whole get-up very distracting all night.

On a similar note, after reading your recaps I was interested to meet this Karen girl and was disappointed to find out she was hotter than me. (Jim disagreed. He's such a good husband.)

Where was I? Right, Cat's crazy hair.

And a welcome/shout-out to last season's top dancers. It's been like a whole 2 months, right?

Then as Cat muffled a laugh while trying to compliment the joodges (did anyone else catch that?), Adam decided to wake up. Then way too much time cross-promoting various charities and shows. Cat doesn't seem impressed and almost falls asleep herself, I think. The coached applause from the audience only accentuated the boredom.

And then, as Cat said, "Back to tonight!"

First up, Karen & Kevin. Instantly Jim decides she's trying to channel JLo. Whatever. As long as she's not prettier than me. They do a hustle, which I didn't even know was a dance genre. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't too memorable for me. Afterwards Adams seems to just now notice that Kevin's in the competition. And Karen is a "quiet fire". And then he talked alot. Jim predicted a Train from Mary (who he refers to as Crazy Stupid Lady) and was almost right. I thought for sure it was coming and had my hands halfway to my ears. But no. Just more talking. Then Nigel.

Then commercials. To include Sonic commercials. I love me some Sonic commericals.

Jakob & Ashleigh are up next with a jazz piece. I would say they definitely didn't conquer the cane. And if the cane was the third character, than those spandex pants were the fourth. Yikes! I found the whole dance stiff and awkward. Which is too bad because I thought it was a fun concept and with the right dancers could have been great. I don't even think the audience bought it. But Adam apparently did. I couldn't have disagreed with him more. And I think he has a crush on Jakob. Is he still talking? Then Mary and Nigel liked it, too? Were they watching the same routine I was?

[Side note: When I watch this with my DVR friends, they always fast forward through the judges and I always bothered me. But I wish I'd had the button tonight.]

Pauline & Peter break out in a Hawaiian quick step. I thought it was cute. But maybe I'm a sucker for a guy in uniform... They weren't perfect, but I thought they brought it pretty well. The judges seem so-so. They point out the good and point out the bad, but I'm wondering if they're being too easy on the dancers this season... (Later I find out how wrong I am was.)

Kathryn & Legacy learn Broadway this week. Cute! I liked the storyline and thought they did a pretty good job. (And both Jim and I decide that the upper thigh is a random place to have a tatoo.) We also decided that Adam should not be allowed to call Legacy "Legs". Too, too weird. And poor Kathryn. They ripped her apart and I wanted to cry for her. I thought she did great. Then Nigel started to compliment Legacy (I think) but went on long enough with metaphors that the look on Legs' face was exactly what I was thinking: Wha?

Channing & Victor. (I love that she raced lawnmowers.) They pull out a great contemporary number. I really liked this. If they had performed this with a little more passion, it could have been awesome. But it still left me happy. If I remember correctly (my tired brain is getting a little sloppy) the judges seemed to like it, too. Except for the often boo'd Nigel. It's so funny how he interacts with the audience. Like he has to prove himself to a mass of people who have already proven that they'll clap at anything. Remember that five minute plug for Dizzy Feet?

Lil C is back with hip hop for Ryan & Ellinor. I like hip hop so I was hoping they'd be good. I think Mary (was it Mary?) nailed it when she said it got "sluggish half way through". Nigel had on his sour face. Come on, Nigel. I didn't think it was that bad! Sometimes he can be such a crotchety old man. I can't harp on the guy for having an opinion. It's his job. But he kept going on and on and on... I love that Cat always tries to keep things copacetic, trying to find just the right words to keep everyone smiling. She has such a charm about her, don't you think? Except for that hair...

Mollee & Nathan are challenged with the salsa. But before they even start to dance, I've decided that Mollee is, like, twelve. I'm already annoyed. They try their best, bless their hearts. Not even extreme yardage of yellow ace bandages wrapped around Mollee peek-a-boo body can distract us from, well, everything that went wrong. And the judges let them have it. Then I start to feel kinda bad for Mollee because she looks like she's going to cry as soon as Adam opened his mouth. I thought he summed it up pretty well, though. Really, it was just pretty bad.

Lastly we have Noelle & Russell with a newly made-up genre, Afro-jazz. I've been excited for this one all night. I vaguely remember Russell the Crumper from Vegas week so I was curious to see how he'd do. And I wasn't disappointed. I can see why he's a fan favorite. But as they are intro-ing the piece, I could't help but think I'd be bummed if I found out my spirit guide was a frog. Just sayin'. But they made it work. It was quirky and fun. So fun, that they get the Train. Thanks, Mary. And Nigel makes a jab at Russian Folk dancing again. It's obvious Russell is the judge favorite. And Cat's too, I think. Did anyone catch her checking him out when she was signing them off for commerical?

Overall I felt that that show was eternal. I didn't realize it was going to be two hours. Again, I've been out of the loop. And if I had to guess, I think Mollee and Nathan might go. And hopefully Cat's hairdresser. The two strongest dances were Channing & Victor, and Noelle & Russell. What do you think? Am I totally off? Let the discussion begin!


Megan said...

You are awesome Karen - thanks for the recap!!!

My favs were Noelle and Russell, Kathryn and Legacy. After that I'm torn between the jazz you didn't like with Ashley and Jakob and the contemporary with Channing and Victor.

I totally agree with you on Cat's dress and hair. I couldn't help but remarking that it wasn't a good dress for Cat. And if it doesn't work on her, it won't work on anyone!

I DID fast forward the judges last night - man did they talk FOREVER!! I think I could handle only Adam and Nigel since they seem to have opinions and say constructive things. Matt doesn't like Mary at all either (must be a guy thing)

Mollee and Nathan were so awkward it was hard to watch. But I think they do have a fan base (for some reason) and that might save them over Victor and Channing (I could see them getting lost in the shuffle, not b/c of their performance though).

Thanks again!!! Welcome to the sisterhood!

Erin said...

Nice work. I don't know how any of you do it. I must not be that big of a fan b/c i can't remember all their names ans stuff. I missed the first 40 minutes last night, but i was immediately annoyed with the judges. It's like there were told to talk for at least 5 minutes each after every dance. on and on and on. i actually am most annoyed with Adam. Half the time, i don't even know what he's talking about. I thought he'd be just on for a couple shows. I've missed a few, so maybe there've been other guest judges, but he is so annoying.
As far as the dancing, i really did think it was sub-par tonight, with the only ones i liked being the modern and the afro jazz. Though i didn't think the hip hop was as bad as Nigel and Mary thought.

Crafty P said...

Karen- those were my two faves, too!!!

I loved your recap and WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME! you can pitch hit for me anytime!

so.... you are right on the mark with Cat's hair and dress and shoes. Seriously, I never say a bad thing about my beloved Cat Deely, but tonight. blah. I was a wee bit frightened by her. so harsh looking. Bring me Greek goddess Cat in a toga... please!

where was I? The Shankman, talks incessantly... but I'll take that any day over the.. what did Jim call Mary? whatever he called her is the perfect title. she drives me batty, too. It is not just a guy thing... she annoys me, too. But I did see her on Ellen and I am amazed at all she's overcome. In fact, I wish she'd overcome the whole SCREAMING THING! AHHHHH

confession: I fast fwd through the judges about halfway through Shanks. Can I call him that? no? good, then let's all hope he doesn't call Legacy "legs" again. weird.

Mollee and Nathan were ONE BIG HOT MESS. it was just awful AND they looked about twelve last night. So, fan favorites or not, they should TOTALLY be in the bottom 2.

Ashleigh didn't bother me as much tonight, but her lipstik does. Seriously, can someone suggest a different less glaring shade of neon pink? yikes!

Ryan was a bit of a mess tonight too. love me some Ellenore. she's TOTE-FAB in my book.

off to watch and see what happens as we're already into tonight's show!

Rachel said...

Uhhhh...Crafty P, it's pinch hit and YES! Karen, you did a great job recapping.

Though, I might start a fire here. I liked Cat's hair! I really did...whenever I straighten my hair, I try to style it like that. Since I'm not 6' tall, blond or Cat Deeley, I can't pull it off.

At out house, we LIKED Jakob and Ashley's dance! I just found out, though, that the hubby thinks the Great Mormon Pumpkin is a hotty. Huh. Anywho, props always make me nervous, but they handled (ha! get it?) the cane like pro's.

I think Channing looked waaaay more comfortable with Victor than she ever did with Phillip. I think they did great.

Leg's and Kathryn did well, too. Legacy may be a dark horse in the competition, people. I noticed the mark on Kathryn's leg, too...but I thought it was either a bruise or the double sided tape they use to glue the clothes to their bodies.

Russell and Noelle did great with the Afro-jazz. Did not like the hip hop routine. Quick step IS the kiss of death dance!

I LOVE Adam Shankman! Though, there was a lot of fast forwarding going on over here....

Khop said...

In theory, I love this show. But in reality, I can't get over that one judge who I *think* has made my ears actually bleed. Yes, I could fast forward them, as probably 1/2 of america does, but alas, I end up skipping it and going straight to Glee.

in related news, i'm cautiously optimistic about this:


(the second hit is the best one, beware the first hit features a pair of very unfortunate earrings....)

parsons said...

I know I'm a bit behind on my commentary ... so pardon me, but I'm glad to hear that most others fast forward through the judges too. I skip Adam and Mary and just listen to Nigel. I figure he's the only one that's going to say an honest opinion anyway.

I felt the judges were a bit harsh on the dancers (especially when they're trying to convince casual audience members to watch ... destroying their talent isn't going to entice me to watch)

As to the actual performances, Mollee and Nathan bother me (and I do think Nathan is a bit 'too cool for school' so I'm glad Nigel ripped him)

But I agree ... I thought they were a bit hard on the hip-hop number of Ryan ... was it as good as if Russell or Kevin did it? No. But it was still okay. But maybe that's just me not wanting to be harsh.

And I thought the solos were decent but apparently the judges disagreed. Curious to see how this week goes based on their commentary.