Thursday, November 20, 2008

into TX we go

Tuesday was our first glimpse of Texas. I was all excited to get a picture of the Welcome to Texas sign be we never saw it. No worries! When we crossed the border there was an Info Center and the nice guy gave us a map and this interesting tidbit of info:

From our present location in Texarkana (see Jim's finger above), you are actually 6 miles closer to Chicago than you are to El Paso (my finger).

With a thick Texas accent, of course. I didn't know if I really believed him until we kept driving and driving and it went on FOREVER.

We stayed the night in Iowa Park, TX with our good friends the Bragdons from our White Sulpher Springs days. But before we got there, we spent the last 2 hours of our trip stopping frequently on the side of the road for Jim to throw up. Yup, full on up-chucking. The poor guy. I felt so bad for him as there was nothing I could do. Roxy didn't seem to care much as she was just glad to be out of the car. She apparently didn't mind the tractor trailers whizzing by, either. I did.

Of course, this also meant that by the time we got to the Bragdons, Jim was feeling pretty crummy and wanted a shower. So I had to stare at the delicious burritos and tacitos (is that what they were?) as Dan, Kelli and I sat around the table catching up, while Jim got cleaned up.

Eventually Jim started to feel better and was able to partake in Kelli's delicious feast. And after the kids were to bed, Settlers ensued.

But not just any Settlers. Dan and Kelli opened our eyes to the new Cities and Knights expansion. Ok, so it's probably not really new. But I can now appreciate that overwhelmed feeling people often have when we teach them Settlers for the first time. I sported the deer-in-the-headlights look for a good while. But it all turned out fine since I WON! Ha, Ha! In your face, Jim.

Triumphantly I went to bed. We all did. It was going to be an early morning if Jim and I were going to make it to El Paso the next day.


KToth said...

Oh man, El Paso looks so far away. Sad for me to think about.
Loved seeing you last weekend, definitely filled a whole in my friend-spot. Having Kevin there for girl coffee chat was funny. Wish we had more time... I finally added your blog to my blogroll, like I've been meaning to do. Is that okay?

Mom said...

Jim, I am so sorry you weren't feeling well. I hope you are feeling much better now.
Karen, I can't wait to see you bloom where God transplants you.
Forever Love in Christ and as you Mom

Muthering Heights said...

Very interesting geographical tidbit!!!

Rebecca said...

I have no idea what Settlers is but you can bet I'll be googling it when I'm done here.

Texas is so...vast looking.

It sounds like you've done this whole moving thing a time or two and I'm amazed by your optimism. You seem to take it all in stride and turn it into an adventure. And its obvious you make friends easily and quickly.

I pray you'll be blessed in Texas.

By the way, there was a nice spanking for Noah when papa got home. Papa laid down the law.

Noah is sleeping. Before all the late shows. WAHOO!!

Crafty P said...

I have heard about this game over at rocks in my dryer. sounds fascinating. not as much game playing around here for the grown ups. more little games, like "GO, hurry, CLEAN UP YOUR TOYS or else". oh that's a fun one.

fascinating texas fact. I love the visuals and travelogue.

Ps. the elvis side burns rocked!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

This reminds me of a conversation I had with your cousin Jeff from Houston, when we were planning our Texas NP trip (before we knew you'd be in El Paso) and I said, "Hey we'll be in Texas near El Paso, maybe we can meet up with you in Houston!" To which he responded, "That's like saying, We're going to Maine and we'll just swing by Maryland while we're there."

Yea.. Texas sure is big!

Rach said...

OMG! The bragdon's kids have kids! Goodness!

Shawna said...

I love that you are blogging your way to your new home! I love that pic of you & Jim. You both are pointing with both fingers. FUNNY! Take care & keep the updates coming!

Amy said...

Well I am thankful for this fact about the distance to Chicago from Texarkana because I was able to show off at breakfast today with a gentleman who lived on an Air Force base in Del Rio. Ah, Stella, you enhance my life in so many ways, truly. it true? Is "El Paso" Spanish for "amazing new home?"

erin w. said...

I love cities and knights! such a fun way to switch up the game! I can't believe that El Paso is really that far away.