Sunday, June 7, 2009

san diego

Our trip to San Diego was just what the doctor ordered. It was the perfect little vacation for two people who needed to just get out of El Paso for a while. It was a long drive (11+ hours), but sometimes the best conversations happen in the car.

We'd intended to stay in a hotel on the beach which we could only afford because of Jim's military connection (thank you, Navy Lodge). But a quick call to a friend opened up the opportunity to stay at his empty condo for the weekend, free of charge. And since free is cheaper that even a military discount, we went for it. So instead of staying on Coronado Island as originally planned, we spent most of our time in the charming little town of Carlsbad, CA. His place was a few blocks from the ocean, and this was the view outside our room every morning:
I pinched myself alot. While he was away, we watched his dog, Pax, who couldn't have been easier. (So if you see a dog in any pictures, don't worry, we didn't shave Roxy and dye her black.)

Some highlights of the week were a trip to Ikea, burgers from In and Out, walks along the beach, Balboa Park, dinner on Coronado Island, a guy who played the guitar with his feet, amazing flowers everywhere that smelled oh so good, shrimp tacos at Pedros Tacos, sleeping in, and just lots of quality time together.

This is my favorite picture which I think captures the trip well. I was having a hankerin' for some In and Out (seriously, you have to go) and a frappuccino, so I ran out and brought home some yumminess to share with Jim on the porch. And this is what we did for much of the trip - we hung out together, enjoying the friendship that has evolved over the past 5 years:
More pictures from the weekend:
Balboa Park

a really cute couple at Balboa Park

a phenominal guitar player

one of our many walks

a cactus that I fell in love with

Bouganvilla, my new favorite flower
(which, thanks to Lowes, is now in our backyard)

The trip was so perfect that I cried on the way home. Some people would call it pregnancy hormones, but I just didn't want it to end.


Muthering Heights said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you lasted 11 hours in the car at this stage in your pregnancy!!

Anonymous said...

You've taken me on a walk down memory lane. The guy playing the guitar has been in Balboa park since I was in college mid 90s. He's amazing. I have a prego picture (Josh) in front of that same fountain. How I long for Coronado where Michael and spent our first 7 together. I often hit that same Ikea and In and Out (sometimes on the same day!) with Josh just to get out of the house when he was little, Michael was away and I was in need of military wife retail therapy. Shared experiences. Makes you feel close. Miss you. DR

Jen said...

I said "awwwwww" out loud. So glad you had the opportunity to get away and enjoy some time together. It's great to have a best friend to pal around with, not to mention be in love with.

Angeal said...

Karen, You look GREAT pregnant! So glad you and Jim got to have some together time before the baby arrives!

Cindy said...

Karen it looks like you both had a really wonderful time. I am so glad that you got to get away. To get away and really enjoy being a couple is a treasure and a gift from god. I know that you can't wait for you little one to be there with you but I am so glad that you got to retouch with your husband and spend time with him. May God bless you both and may you enjoy your last few months of the two of you until you become three! Much love to you!

Crafty P said...

oh my goodness, Karen, as soon as you mentioned Carlsbad, the first thought that came to my mind was IN AND OUT burgers!!!! you lucky girl! man, I adore those things.

loved your pics and love the one of you and Jim on the patio deck. sweet.

Lego land was the second thought that came to mind. very cool place to visit.

sounds like a lovely time!

Susie said...

So glad that you had a great time away together - before the adjustment and fatigue of a newborn to love and hold and feed and diaper and kiss and hug LOL!!
Beautiful pictures.

Rebecca said...

"Before the two of you become three..." Man, I loved that line from Cindy's comment!

Your trip sounds like it was perfect...maybe even more perfect than it would have been had Jim run in that marathon...this sounds way more like what you two needed right about now!

I love the picture of you two by the fountain...your outfit is to. die. for. I love it. Is it maternity? I'm actually venturing outside of maternity clothes and trying to piece together outfits that flatter the pregnant belly without buying maternity clothes. Follow me? Except I need that elastic waistband already...

You certainly are glowing!

KToth said...

Look at you in your cute little jeans on the beach. I couldn't get those to stay up if I tried. Such a cutie preggo, friend. And that babymoon sounds delightful. Do it again (or something like it) before your little gnomie comes. said...

I love your fav pic too... with your cute little bump showing in your silhouette. Man, I am so happy for you guys to have this special time together! How awesome to have a vacation that made you cry when it was over! And I think it is crazy that you are so far west you can drive to Ca! You can drive to Ca in less time than we can drive to Disney!!

erin w. said...

This makes me totally excited to be stationed in San Diego! What an awesome 5 year! You all are such a cute couple an I love love love your dress in the pic of you all at Balboa Park.

Erin said...

also shocked at the driving! assumed you'd fly... but so nice to have some QT before the baby comes... i'm sure they're memories to last a lifetime!